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Firm " Baldwin Filters ", which originated as a small company with less than 10 employees, continuously growing and doing well since its foundation and has become a global company, with products sold on six continents.

Quality - the ultimate goal of the company, " Baldwin Filters "
The company's engineers are constantly searching for ways to improve our products. Starting from the basic filtration design and using the latest techniques, such as three-dimensional CAD modeling and stereolithography prototyping, a group of engineers is paving the way in the development of innovative, patented designs, including, for example, air filters, radial seal, self-venting drain valves for fuel water separators and filters coolant additive dosing.

Our goal is to create a filter whose characteristics are at or exceed the specifications defined by original equipment manufacturers. All filters Company " Baldwin " tested in its modern technical center and undergo extensive field testing.

Quality - is the ultimate goal sought by the company " Baldwin Filters ". " Baldwin Filters " - not just a filter assembler like many large companies. A vertically integrated manufacturing process allows the company to maximize the controllability and stability thanks to the production of not only filters but also complete units for them.

Filter manufacturing practice from its mounting base and to the final product allows the company to control the quality and cost and gives it an advantage over competitors. In support of its commitment to quality, the company " Baldwin Filters " has achieved certification of its facilities to meet the requirements of TS 16949 and ISO 9001 and maintains this certification in place.

The transnational nature of "firm Baldwin "
When a company " Baldwin Filters " started out, it worked only a few people who have produced oil filters in the garage. Now, however, " Baldwin Filters " - a multinational company.

Manufacturing plants and distribution centers, "the company Baldwin " is valid in the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Belgium, China, Morocco, Australia and South Africa.

In addition, the company " Baldwin " expanded the scope of wholesale trade, which, thanks to the purposeful activity of heads of marketing services and independent trading companies, have entered South America, Russia and the Middle East.

Company " Baldwin Filters ' still focused on the supply of high-quality filters all regions of the planet.

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