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Northern Lights parts

Northern Lights parts

If you are looking for spare parts for marine engines or Northern Lights generators, then you have come to the right place.
Only here you can buy, order or place an order Northern Lights parts for engines and generators. Here you will find:Northern Lights parts

- Northern Lights parts for Marine Generators 5-50 KW models like: 5 / 4.5KW: M673LD3G, 6 / 5KW: M673L3G, 9 / 7KW: M773LW3G, 12 / 10KW: M843NW3G, 16 / 14KW: M844DW3G, 20 / 16KW: M844LW3G, 25 / 20kW: M864W3, 30KW: M944W3F, 30 / 26KW: M944W3, 38KW: M944T3F, 38 / 32KW: M944T.

- Northern Lights marine generators spare parts for 50+ kW of such models: 40-99 / 33-90KW: M1064, 50KW @ 1800RPM: M50T13L, 65KW @ 1800RPM: M65T13L, 80KW @ 1800RPM: M80A13L, 120-185 / 99-155KW: M1066 , 150 / 125KW: M150A13, 175 KW: M200A13, 185-250KW: M1305, 355-400 / 300-400KW: M1306, 470-545KW: M1308.

- Parts for Northern Lights Commercial Marine Generators of the following models: 20 / 16KW: M20CRW3, 30 kW: M30C3F, 40 / 38KW: M40C3F, 50KW: M50C13, 55KW: M55C13, 65KW: M65C13, 60-90 KW RADIATOR COOLED, 99KW: M99CW: M55C13, 65KW: M65C13, 60-90 kW KW , 150KW: M150C13, 200KW: M200C13, 250KW: M250C13.

- Parts for Northern Lights ground-based generators of the following models: 5 / 4.5KW: NL673L4, 6 / 5KW: NL673L4E, 8 kW 32KW: NL944T3

Northern Lights parts you can order from us online. If you do not find the spare parts you need, please send us your list by email.