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In this section you can read the detailed descriptions, specifications and a range of equipment  GREAT PLAINS. If you intend to buy or order spare parts, you should go to the appropriate section of our website .   In this section you will find information and technical documentation for such equipment  GREAT PLAINS  as: mechanical seeders, fertilizer application systems, sprayers, tillage systems, rollers for compacting soil, baking powder, cultivator and pneumatic drills, compact and cultivated planters, vertical tillage systems.   Lineup equipment GREAT PLAINS: 1. Drills : eleven. 2 Sectional Drills: - 24 'And 30' 2-Section Drill 1982 - 24 'And 30' '2-Section No-Till Drill 1991 - 24 'And 30' 2-Section Drill 1983 - 24 'And 30' 2-Section Drill 1984-1985 - 24ft And 30ft 2-Section No-Till Drill 1993-1994 - 24ft And 30ft 2-Section No-Till Drill Early 1992 - 2N-2410 & 2N-3010 2-Sectio 
Our materials are collected on CLAAS presented below. Parts catalogs, manuals, specifications. We are doing this section for the convenience of users. Here you can familiarize yourself with the specifications to the engineering Claas.  You can also choose the parts the Claas , that you need. Products and Equipment Claas  for which we supply spare parts: Tractors The CLAAS the XERION 5000-4000 The CLAAS the AXION 950-920 The CLAAS the AXION 850/820 The CLAAS the ARION 640-620 the C The CLAAS the ARION 430-410 The CLAAS of AXOS 340-310 the CLAAS NEXOS Loaders  the CLAAS ( the FL 40 , the FL the C ) Combine harvesters The CLAAS the LEXION 770-750 The CLAAS the LEXION 670/650 The CLAAS the TUCANO 580/570 The CLAAS the TUCANO 450-320 The CLAAS AVERO 240/160 The CLAAS the DOMINATOR 130 Attachments  CLAAS Forage harvesters The CLAAS the JAGUAR 980-940 The CLAAS the JAGUAR 870-830 CL 
The lineup of engines Cummins divided into 3 groups depending on engine displacement: Average power (Middle Range) - motors up to 9 liters High power (High Horsepower) - engine capacity from 9 to 15 liters High power (Heavy Duty) engines of more than 15 liters    Series engines A B C F L X S  Engine volume, l.  1.4-3.4  3,3-6,7  8,3-8,9 2.8-3.8  8.9  1,3-3,3 3.8  Engine power, hp  34-80  65-300  150-325 109-170  280-370      engine Modifications A1400 A1700 A2000 A2300 the A3400  B3.3 B3.3TAAE  QSB3.3 B3.3TAA B3.3 NA 4BT3.9-C80 4BT3.9-C85 4BT3.9-C90 4BT3.9-C95 4BT3.9-C100 4BT3.9-C105 4BT3.9- C110 4BTA3.9-C107 4BTA3.9- 
Spare parts catalog you can view here . Identify the codes of spare parts or spare part code you can refer to the section  CHALLENGER  our catalog or on the link . Access to the online catalog we kindly ask you to request from us  in any convenient way for you. CHALLENGER - one of the brands of AGCO Corporation.  Lineup CHALLENGER technology: Crawler Tractors: MT745B, MT755B, MT765B, MT835B, MT845B, MT855B, MT865B, MT875B, MT835B, MT845B, MT855B, MT865B, MT875B. Wheeled tractors: MT425B, MT445B, MT455B, MT465B, MT525B, MT535B, MT545B, MT555B, MT565B, MT575B, MT945B, MT955B, MT965B, MT975B, MT525B Techstar, MT535B Techstar, MT545B Techstar, MT555B Techstar, MT565B Techstar, MT575B Techstar, MT635B Techstar MT645B Techstar MT655B Techstar MT665B Techstar, WT360N, WT375N, WT380, WT390, WT460B, WT470B, WT480B, WT490B, WT540B WT560B WT590B WT595B.   Combine harvesters, rotary combines: CH640, CH642, CH643, CH644, CH645, CH646, CH648, CH648's AL 
The KUHN  - trailer manufacturer of agricultural equipment and  spare parts . It produces plows with tillage tools, and seeding systems. Lineup techniques you can learn in the directory.  Spare parts KUHN  presented on our website in the section  KUHN . In this blog we will collect all the information we have about the models, catalogs of spare parts Kuhn and repair of the equipment instructions. You can fill in turn, blog your reviews and comments. You can follow any responses to go to the online parts catalog  KUHN here We list the equipment and, where possible, the model produced by the producer, as well as the range of equipment and spare parts The KUHN,  for which we are prepared to offer you replacement parts:   1. Spare parts for equipment for plowing Kuhn:   Spare parts for the mounted reversible plows MASTER 103 NSH - 2 корпусной MASTER 103 NSH - 3-корпусной MASTER 103 NSH - 4-корпусной MASTER 103 T - 2-ко 
Sowing complex KINZE  produced in the United States. All materials on this topic We are gathering in this section of our blog.  
HARVESTEC - American manufacturer of headers for corn.  Presentation of such models as the reapers: 1. 6000 Series CORNADO 6000 Series 6000 series corn heads are available in the following sizes:       Model Row Spacing   Chopper Operating Width   Weight     Spacing Rows   ft mm lbs kg 6108 20" 8 No 14.5 4430 4365 1980 6108C 20" 8 Yes 14.5 4430 4630 2100 6112 20"  
Massey Ferguson
Identify the codes of spare parts or the code parts  MASSEY FERGUSON  You can refer to the section  MASSEY FERGUSON our catalog or on the link . Access to the online catalog we kindly ask you to request from us  in any convenient way for you. The FERGUSON MASSEY  - one of corporate brands of AGCO .  Down in the relevant section of our site you can buy MASSEY FERGUSON spare parts  for any model of brand machinery. For yet for  MASSEY FERGUSON  spare parts non-original production Practically impossible to find. All our available materials on the brand  MASSEY FERGUSON  we gather here