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Spare parts catalog you can view here . Identify the codes of spare parts or spare part code you can refer to the section  CHALLENGER  our catalog or on the link . Access to the online catalog we kindly ask you to request from us  in any convenient way for you.

CHALLENGER - one of the brands of AGCO Corporation. 

Lineup CHALLENGER technology:

Crawler Tractors: MT745B, MT755B, MT765B, MT835B, MT845B, MT855B, MT865B, MT875B, MT835B, MT845B, MT855B, MT865B, MT875B.

Wheeled tractors: MT425B, MT445B, MT455B, MT465B, MT525B, MT535B, MT545B, MT555B, MT565B, MT575B, MT945B, MT955B, MT965B, MT975B, MT525B Techstar, MT535B Techstar, MT545B Techstar, MT555B Techstar, MT565B Techstar, MT575B Techstar, MT635B Techstar MT645B Techstar MT655B Techstar MT665B Techstar, WT360N, WT375N, WT380, WT390, WT460B, WT470B, WT480B, WT490B, WT540B WT560B WT590B WT595B.
Combine harvesters, rotary combines: CH640, CH642, CH643, CH644, CH645, CH646, CH648, CH648's AL, CH652, CH652's AL, CH654, CH658, CH660, CH670.
Balers: LB34B, LB44B.
Self-propelled windrowers self-drive Challenger SP115B.
Sprayers: the Challenger the Spra the Coupe 4450, Challenger Spra-Coupe 4650, Challenger Spra Coupe 7650, Challenger RoGator 1286, Challenger RoGator 1274 C, Terra-Gator 3244, Challenger Terra-Gator 9205.


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