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Perkins parts

Perkins parts

The Perkins manufactures industrial engines and generators since 1932. In 1970 the company was bought by the Caterpillar corporation.

To date under this brand produced a huge range of engines. We can supply you Perkins parts for all of them.

Our company can supply to you a full range of Perkins spare parts, which can be divided into categories produced engine types.


1. Perkins Parts for industrial or industrial engines Perkins series and models:

400 Series: 402D-05, 403D-07, 403D-11, 403D-11 IOPU, 403D-15, 403D-15 IOPU, 403D-15T, 403D-17, 403F-07, 403F-11, 403F-E17T, 403J-E17T, 403J-E17TA, 404D-22 , 404D-22 IOPU, 404D-22T, 404D-22T IOPU, 404D-22TA, 404D-22TA IOPU, 404F-E22T, 404F-E22TA, 404J-E22T, 404J-E22TA

850 Series: 854E-E34TA, 854E-E34TA IOPU, 854F-E34T, 854F-E34T IOPU, 854F-E34TA, 854F-E34TA IOPU

1100 Series: 1103C-33T, 1103D-33, 1103D-33TA, 1104A-44, 1104A-44T, 1104C-44, 1104C-44 IOPU, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44T IOPU, 1104C-44TA, 1104C-44TA IOPU, 1104D-44, 1104D-44T, 1104D-44T IOPU, 1104D-44TA, 1104D-E44T, 1104D-E44TA, 1104D-E44TA IOPU, 1106D-70TA, 1106D-E70TA, 1106D-E70TA IOPU

1200 Series: 1204E-E44TA, 1204E-E44TA IOPU, 1204E-E44TTA, 1204E-E44TTA IOPU, 1204F-E44TA, 1204F-E44TA IOPU, 1204F-E44TTA, 1204F-E44TTA IOPU, 1206E-E66TA, 1206E-E70TTA, 1206F-E70TA, 1206F-E70TTA, 1206F-E70TTA IOPU, 1204J-E44TA, 1204J-E44TTA, 1206J-E70TA, 1206J-E70TTA

Perkins® Syncro: 904D-E28TA, 904D-E36TA, 904F-E28T, 904F-E28TA, 904J-E28T, 904J-E28TA, 904J-E36TA

1700 Series: 1706F-E93TA, 1706J-E93TA

2200 Series: 2206D-E13TA, 2206F-E13TA, 2206J-E13TA

2500 Series: 2506D-E15TA, 2506F-E15TA, 2506J-E15TA

2800 Series: 2806D-E18TA, 2806D-E18TTA, 2806F-E18TA, 2806F-E18TTA, 2806J-E18TA, 2806J-E18TTA

2. Perkins spare parts for generators

3. Marine Perkins parts