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News of construction equipment

The lineup of engines Cummins divided into 3 groups depending on engine displacement: Average power (Middle Range) - motors up to 9 liters High power (High Horsepower) - engine capacity from 9 to 15 liters High power (Heavy Duty) engines of more than 15 liters    Series engines A B C F L X S  Engine volume, l.  1.4-3.4  3,3-6,7  8,3-8,9 2.8-3.8  8.9  1,3-3,3 3.8  Engine power, hp  34-80  65-300  150-325 109-170  280-370      engine Modifications A1400 A1700 A2000 A2300 the A3400  B3.3 B3.3TAAE  QSB3.3 B3.3TAA B3.3 NA 4BT3.9-C80 4BT3.9-C85 4BT3.9-C90 4BT3.9-C95 4BT3.9-C100 4BT3.9-C105 4BT3.9- C110 4BTA3.9-C107 4BTA3.9- 
TEREX  - American manufacturer of construction, mining, road construction, concrete and other heavy machinery and equipment. Terex manufactures equipment and our prospectus, respectively, contains a catalog of spare parts Terex as:   Platforms to ompaktnoe construction equipment  Roller cranes and equipment,  Motor-blocks,  Material handlers.   List of spare parts for machinery  TEREX  have in our ktaloge, which presents a full range of Spare parts  for this equipment   Full list of spare parts TEREX    
Manufacturer of small appliances, such as mini-pograzchiki, loaders, telescopic pograzchiki, Excavator. And attachments: buckets, graders, drills, saws, grinders, forks, shovels, hydraulic clamps and mannipulyatory, pallets forks, rear stabilizers, mowers and more.  Lineup technology BobCat: Loaders: Mini loaders Bobcat: S70, S100, S450, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S630, S650, S770, S850 Wheel Loader: A770 Compact Track Loaders: T110, T450, T590, T650, T770, T870 Mini Track Loader: MT55 Excavator: E08, E10, E17, E19, E20, E25, E26, E32, E35, E45, E50, E55, E55W, E62, E80, E85 Telescopic handlers: T2250, TL360, TL470, TL470HF, T35105, T36120SL, T40140, T40180, TR38160, TR40250, TR45190, TR50210 SUV: 3400D   A complete list of spare parts BOBCAT You can also check the prices and access to the online catalog of spare parts under BobCat our site On our site you find the auto part 
Oils for construction equipment
Our company is a service dealer of the manufacturer of oils and lubricants of MOL . This manufacturer of oil has become a well known and popular in Eastern Europe. It produces a full line of oils and lubricants for industrial applications. As you know, the producers of specialized equipment, such as especially of Caterpillar, the Volvo or Komatsu, have their own specifications and requirements for oils and lubricants used in the construction machinery. For part of the requirements to oil brands machinery data is almost impossible to produce in factories outside the formal structure of the production of these machinery brands. At our company the company MOL produces oil and lubricants for machinery according to the specifications provided by us, that we, in turn, receive from official representatives. Extortion of oils and lubricants for these brands - the process is extremely laborious and complex. Often, owners of specialized equipment are aware of the oil, which is used only 
Injector pump for construction equipment
Volvo Injector pump Special Volvo is very popular in our country, and therefore the range of our website includes a wide range of accessories to this brand. A complete list of Volvo machinery to which we offer pump-injector can be found below.  Injector pump for special purpose vehicles Volvo Volvo A25D Volvo A30D Volvo EW130 Volvo EW160 Volvo EW160B Volvo EW180 Volvo EC210 Volvo EC210BLC Volvo EC240 Volvo EC240BLC Volvo EC290 Volvo EC290B Volvo EC290BLC Volvo EC340 Volvo EC360 Volvo 
Spare parts for Komatsu, Dressta, Doosan-Daewoo
We continue to inform our customers about new arrivals and the opening of new brands of machinery on which we are ready to offer you  parts.   We are pleased to report that offers range we supply spare parts increased for a number of brands. In particular, we offer spare parts for such a list of special equipment from the following manufacturers: Dozers TRACK D135A-1 S/N 10001-UP D135A-1C D135A-2 S/N 10301-UP D135A-2R D135A-2 S/N 10301-UP D135A-2C D150A-1 S/N 5508-UP D150A-1C D155A-1 S/N 5508-UP D155A-1R D155A-1 S/N 5508-UP D155A-1C D155A-2 S/N 50001-UP D155A-2R D155A-2 S/N 50001-UP (S6D155-4 Eng. Installed) D155A-2C D155A-2A S/N 57001-UP D155A-0R D155A-2A S/N 57001-UP (SA6D140E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed) D155A-0C D155A-3 S/N 60001-UP D155A-3C D155A-5 S/N 65001-UP D155A-5C D155A-5 S/N 65001-UP (Extreme Cold Terrain) D155A-4C D155A-6 S/N 85001-85076 D155A-6C D155A-6R S/N 85077-UP 0000307C D155AX-3 S/N 60001-UP D155AX0C D155AX-3 
Our company supplies components and spare parts for the hydraulic system for construction equipment in more than 30 countries. We offer our clients the following components and spare parts for the hydraulic system:   Motors running assembly (TRAVEL MOTOR ASS'Y) PARTS LIST   Final Drive - a very important node for for equipment functionality. It is thanks to him that is able to move equipment. This engine moves the truck to move. We supply these motors for such construction equipment like Volvo , Hyundai and Doosan . Please contact us and we will offer you the highest quality parts at a reasonable cost. Just send us the dimensions or the code parts and we will offer you a good price.