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Injector pump for construction equipment

Volvo Injector pump

Special Volvo is very popular in our country, and therefore the range of our website includes a wide range of accessories to this brand. A complete list of Volvo machinery to which we offer pump-injector can be found below. 

Injector pump for special purpose vehicles Volvo

Volvo A25D

Volvo A30D

Volvo EW130

Volvo EW160

Volvo EW160B

Volvo EW180

Volvo EC210

Volvo EC210BLC

Volvo EC240

Volvo EC240BLC

Volvo EC290

Volvo EC290B

Volvo EC290BLC

Volvo EC340

Volvo EC360

Volvo EC380

Volvo EC460

Volvo EC460BLC

Volvo EC480D

Volvo G990

Volvo G976

Volvo G946

Volvo G930

Volvo L120

Volvo L150F

Volvo L150E

Volvo L180E

Volvo L180F

Volvo L180S



In respect of  engines Volvo construction equipment  requirements are constantly increasing. In particular, it concerns the economy on fuel costs, power and environmental friendliness. In order to meet all three indicators at the same time, you need high-quality system of mixing. Used for this modern injection system - they not only provide the smallest pulverized fuel (due to the high injection pressure), but also in controlling the amount of fuel injection and the multiplicity of steps. 

The system, which would satisfy such high demands - a pump nozzle Volvo.

As for history, the idea is there and successfully applied in practice for more than a decade. It was designed a century ago - the idea of ​​association in one unit of the fuel pump and fuel injector, so it would be possible to give up the high-pressure pipeline and increase the injection pressure. At that time, the same technical capabilities, knowledge and skills are not enough to translate ideas into practice, as today, as we know, the idea is embodied. Pump nozzle performs such functions as creating high pressure necessary for fuel injection time to inject a certain amount of fuel indicated.    

The number of unit injectors is calculated depending on the number of cylinders, i.e. each cylinder of the engine according to one injector. If you need to repair the fuel system equipment, diagnostic fault during the warranty period, warranty period, our experts will help you, will check fuel system components and will remove all problems injectors Volvo, Hitachi and other foreign brands of cars.  


Caterpillar Injector pump

Our company offers a wide range of pump-injector for machinery of all known brands. In our directory you can find spare parts for a large number of models of appliances.

Injector pump on special equipment CAT

CAT 988

CAT 950

CAT 966

CAT 980

CAT 248

CAT 318

SAT 318S

CAT 325

CAT 320

CAT 320B

CAT 320C

CAT 320D

CAT 330

CAT 330B

CAT 330C

CAT 315

CAT 345











Pump nozzle SAT (or another - injector) is an apparatus for dispensing fuel and spraying it into a subsequent combustion chamber. It is necessary to form a fuel-air mixture required for diesel engines. 

The device is used equally effectively in both engine types: petrol or diesel. Modern engines have a fixed pattern injector in which the injection parameters are all (preliminary, primary and secondary) are controlled electronically.

There are three kinds of nozzles, they differ in the method of injection. Electrohydraulic, piezoelectric and electromagnetic.

The first type - electro-injector, it is mounted on a diesel  Caterpillar engine .

By design, the device and consists of such elements: an electromagnetic valve control chamber, inlet and discharge throttles.

The second type - a piezoelectric injector. It is by far - the most perfect kind of equipment, providing the fuel injection. It is mounted on a diesel engine equipped with a fuel injection system Common Rail.

Plus nozzle - an excellent response rate (4 times faster than the solenoid valve), and an exact calculation (injection dosage). Thus, there is a possibility of multiple fuel injections in one cycle.

Such indicators may be due to the fact that you are using the piezoelectric effect in the management of the device - under the influence of the voltage changes the length of the piezoelectric crystal. 

Structurally CAT injectors comprise: a pusher, piezoelectric element, and the switching valve needle (placed in the last case).

The third type - the electromagnetic injector is used in gasoline engines equipped with fuel injection system. The device is a special strength.



JCB Injector pump

JCB Parts very much in demand in Ukraine, referring to widespread backhoe loaders of this brand. Therefore, we can always find a full list of parts, in particular on the model 3CX and 4CX.

You can also visit our  special website , which will find a complete catalog of available parts JCB.

Injector pump on special machinery JCB













JCB 535-60

JCB 530-70

JCB 540-70

JCB 5335-95

JCB 535-140

JCB 540-170

JCB 416

JCB 426

JCB 436


diesel injectors JCB (JCB injector pump) How to work? First of all, it is necessary to specify the constituent elements of the device are: a plunger locking piston control valve, the needle check valve and the nebulizer.

The plunger creates pressure inside the valve. His translational motion caused by the rotation of the camshaft cams and return - spring plunger.

It controls the fuel injection valve. Depending on type, it can be of two types: electromagnetic and piezoelectric. Second in the modern machines used more often, as it gives greater efficiency (performance). 

Planting of the needle on the saddle of the distributor provides the spring. Its force, if necessary, is supported by the pressure of the fuel. The action made possible by the shut-off piston and check valve. Itself directly inject fuel into the combustion chamber takes place with a needle.

Manage the entire unit injectors work process from start to finish it takes place in the control system of  the engine the Cummins . Pump-nozzle valve is controlled by the control unit by the operation of the sensor signals.

If you have a need to debug, the pump-injector, you can contact our specialists, they will conduct a complete diagnosis of equipment, ranging from checking the components of the fuel equipment, and finishing with precise fuel injection debugging on the set parameters on warranty, post-warranty, and so on. d. We offer you the best solutions for the heavy construction machinery, agricultural and industrial equipment, etc. Injectors JCB, Hitachi, Volvo and other popular brands are able to work even in the most difficult conditions, we do not forget the timely technical tinning. 

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