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History of Challenger brand dates back to 1890 when two American inventor Benjamin Holt (Benjamin Holt) and Daniel Best (Daniel Best) decided to experiment with the use of agricultural machinery sector steam-powered. Daniel Best started the experiment, a world first by applying tractor steam engine. The first tractors appeared in 1889, proved to be very bulky and heavy, permanently stuck in the soft ground. It was necessary to solve the problem. Second inventor Benjamin Holt, proposed to increase the area of ​​contact with the ground and the tractor proposed to replace the wheel tracks. Already upgraded tractor was tested in 1904, and after a while Holt has registered the Caterpillar brand, manufactured in-house Holt Manufacturing Company. Above the name of the brand, who later became legendary, he did not think twice: caterpillar - it is the caterpillar in English.

The real breakthrough occurred in the company in 1909, when the crawler tractors were equipped with gasoline engines instead of steam. That is what made ​​the brand famous.  
Almost at the same time, in 1910, son of Daniel Best, Clarence Leo Best (Clarence Leo Best), creates his own company and began production of wheeled tractors with petrol engines. 12 years later, in 1925, the company Holt Manufacturing Company and the CL Best Tractor Company decided to join forces and set up a new company Caterpillar Tractor Company. 
The production is constantly evolving, the inventors have reached ever new heights. In 1987, there was a truly revolutionary breakthrough - was invented by the latest high-speed tractor crawler, named Caterpillar Challenger- Then and there the Challenger brand, which is destined to become a legend tractor. 

Since then, the range of equipment manufactured under the Challenger brand has expanded and enlarged wheel tractors, combines, forage equipment, self-propelled sprayers and fertilizer spreaders, soil tillage implements and mounted implements. Each item has a long history of success. Under the brand Challenger eaten the best models of agricultural machinery, to satisfy the needs of both small farms and large agricultural holdings.

With a rich history and experience, the Challenger brand continues to expand the accumulated decades. Today, it brings together the full range of modern and high-performance agricultural equipment. Many models of Challenger machines are equipped with a fully integrated system of automatic steering Autoguide control, telemetry, management system of the GTA, which allows more efficient to build a working agricultural enterprises. Challenger The aim is to establish partnerships with farmers and agricultural producers around the world to help them increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. 
Each machine is provided in the model number of Challenger tracked tractors, has high traction and performance in its class. Using a patented system crawler Mobil Tras ™ and reinforced rubber tracks for high performance and low ground pressure, guaranteeing respect for the soil due to a significant decrease in its seal. Due to the large contact patch crawler tractors offer a smaller percentage of slip, allow to obtain a better return from the fields and reduce costs compared with wheel tractors of similar capacity.

Performance Challenger tracked tractors can be called phenomenal: many customers have come to the conclusion that one can replace several tractor wheeled vehicles, while maintaining - or even increasing - the overall productivity of the enterprise. And on this Challenger is not going to stop.

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