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Original Detroit Diesel parts. Genuine Detroit Diesel spare parts

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Detroit Diesel

American Corporation  Detroit Diesel  is one of the world leaders in the production of diesel engines from 190  hp . The company is headquartered in raspolgagaetsya "motor city" of Detroit, where he began the story of its creation.

The company  Detroit Diesel  was formed in 1938 as a subsidiary of  General Motors  in order to manufacture diesel engines. Initially, these units were designed for military equipment, but at the end of the war the company pestroilaproizvodstvo under release of motors for the needs of commerce.

Maximum series engine  Detroit Diesel  released  in 1957. Hence began the growing popularity of the company's products. Soon,  Detroit Diesel  has expanded its network and entered the world market. Thus the engines from Detroit to conquer Europe.

The next milestone in the history of the company's development was the year 1987 when there was a lot to light  60 -stroke engines, the first complete electronic control system. This allowed the engine to automate work, providing them with high power (up to 516 hp),  as well as to implement an elaborate system of reducing oil consumption and piston friction. Save fuel system enables  the Advanced the System . Nowadays such innovations for any diesel engine has become a habit, but in 1987  Detroit Diesel  60 ith  series was a revelation.

At the beginning of the XXI century,  Detroit Diesel  completely reoriented on production of engines for heavy trucks. At the same time the controlling stake in the company transferred to the leading manufacturers in this field - of Daimler the Chrysler . As a result of these permutations of the company moved from Detroit to produce motors, starters and components for tractors. Modern models have been created:  the DD13, the DD15  and  DD16 , Whereas one of the parties, issued at the plant was more than 120 engine models.

Units  Detroit Diesel  high wear components, turbocharging is very reliable and economical fuel consumption. In addition, the fuel injector system and have an increased factor of safety.

Today the domestic market to offer consumers a wide range of production engines  The Detroit Diesel . And most importantly, now you can buy any spare parts for them. In addition to America, they are also made ​​in Europe, which greatly reduces the cost compared with the original product, and the quality is fully consistent with the level of brand  Detroit Diesel.

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