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Original KINZE parts. Genuine KINZE spare parts

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Kinze Manufacturing, Inc - US manufacturer of seeding equipment, successfully sells its products worldwide.
The principle of Kinze says: "Accuracy, efficiency, reliable:. Here is all you need for work, you will be able to devote time to other, no less important cases."
Kinze was a pioneer in the development of the convertible equipment (1976.) And invented a system of interplant (1981.) - The first in the history of s / s foldable frame.
In 2005, the patented vacuum sowing machines Kinze.
Today, the basic operations Kinze - is the production of cultivated planters up to 36 rows of grain and up to 37 000 liters.
Company Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. It was established in 1965 in Iowa, a repair shop with a / s guns, and today is office, industrial and logistics complex with an area of ​​65 hectares, 675 employees. And all of this Kinze used for the development of turnkey solutions for farmers. Kinze demand in more than 40 countries worldwide.
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