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Cummins K Series

Cummins K Series

Super power
Power covers 450-890 hp and maximum torque of 2586 Newton meters.
Weight 1838 kg , the power weight ratio.

Low fuel economy is good
Cummins PT fuel system patented technology, high injection pressure, ensure that the engine good atomization, combustion.
Efficient Holset turbocharger exhaust intake ensures more fully, improve engine efficiency and further improve combustion and reduce engine specific fuel consumption.
Air Cooling technology to ensure intake fuller, better fuel economy.

Compact, easy to maintain
Replaceable wet cylinder liners, cooling effect, easy to replace.
All models parts versatility, high degree of serialization, and easy maintenance.
Block and head are taking a built-in pressure lubricants Road, compact, low failure rate.

All the Cummins K serie engines parts are available.

All the power ranges of Cummins K series below

Cummins KTA38-P1400 Engine & parts
Engine model KTA38-P1400 Engine type 12 cylinders in V type Displacement 37.7 L Rated Power 1045kW/1400 HP @ 1800 rpm Peak Torque 5544N.m @1800 rpm Emission Standard Euro 2     Cummins diesel engine KTA38-P1400  Technique Specification Bore*stroke 159mm*159mm Intake method Turbochager&Intercooled Fuel systeme PT Pump-STC Cooling method Fluid Cooling Governor Type Mechanical Control Compression Ratio 13.9 : 1 Fuel Consumption: 214 g/Kw.h Starting System Electrical Starting Motor  12V/24V Lowest Starting Temp .(without auxiliary system) -12℃     Cummins diesel engineKTA38-P1400  Trade Information   Warranty ti