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Cummins Marine Auxiliary Engines & parts

Cummins Marine Auxiliary Engines & parts

If you are looking for Cummins Marine Auxiliary Engines or Cummins Marine Auxiliary diesel engines parts you will find it in our online parts store.

Cummins offers a complete line of constant speed marine power solutions designed specifically for auxiliary applications, including electrical power generation for emergency or ship service power, diesel electric propulsion, power units, fire pumps and hydraulic units.

For a custom genset solution, all Cummins auxiliary engines can be matched to the customer’s choice of alternator, including STAMFORD and AvK alternators from Cummins Generator Technologies.

As with our propulsion product line, Cummins offers both mechanical and electronic products to meet customer needs in terms of power, emissions requirements and incentives, sociability, available supply of quality fuel, monitoring and data requirements, and fleet standardization.


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