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Komatsu Turbochargers

Komatsu Turbochargers made ​​with high quality and accuracy, this is what increases their performance and durability. Usually they are made ​​of heat-treated aluminum, to withstand the high temperature and speed. 

Komatsu Turbochargers


Part No. Machine Model Engine Model
6135-81-8300 EM440 S4D105, S6D105
6135-82-8200 PC120, PC120-2, PC100-1, PC120-1, EC105Z-1, EG65S-2, PC100L-1, PW100-1 S4D105
6137-82-8200 PC200-3, PC220-2, GD505A-2, EG125-2, WA300-1, EG125B-2, GD521A-1, PC220-3, GD525A-1, GD611A-1, PF5-1, EG125- S6D105
1, GD505A-3, EC170ZS-1, EC170Z-1, GD500R-2A, LW200L-1, BP500-3, JV100WP-1, WA320-1, EG125S-1, WA320-1, WA250-1
6137-82-8500 EM640A, EM640A-A S6D105
6138-81-8101 D66S, D66S-1, 540-1, 540B-1, EC210Z-1 SA6D110
6138-81-8102 IH530 S6D105
6138-82-8201 WA350, WA350-1, WA380-1, WA400-1, WA420-1, EC210Z S6D110
6151-81-8500 D65E, D65E-12, D60P-12, D65PX-12, D65EX-12H, D85ESS-2A, D85ESS-2, D65PX-12U 6D125, 6D125E
6151-82-8500 D85E, D65E-12-E, D65E-12, D60P-12-E, D65PX-12-E, D85ESS-2, D85ESS-2A, D65EX-12 S6D125E, 6D125E
6152-81-8110 PC300, PC300-3, PC300LC-3 S6D125
6152-81-8210 PC400, PC400-3, PL400LC-3, PC410LC-5, PC410-5, PC400- 5, CS210-1, PC400HD-5K S6D125
6152-81-8310 WA450, WA450-1, WA450- 3, WA450-3A, WA470-1, EG220BS-2, WF450T-1A, S6D125
GD705A-4, EG220B-2, D75S- 5, D85A-21B, GD725A-1
6152-81-8700 LW250L, LW250L-1X, LW250L- 1NH, LW250L-1NX, LW250L-1H S6D125
6152-82-8210 PC400, PC400-6, PC450LC- 6K-KE, HD255-5, WF450T-3, PC400ST-6LC, WA450-3A-TN, WA450L-3, PL400LC-6Z SA6D125E
6152-83-8110 PC400, PC400-5 S6D125
6205-81-8110 PC100, PC100-5, PC100-5Z, PC120-5S, PC130-5, PC100- 5S, PC120-5Z S4D95L
6205-81-8130 EM436A S4D95
6205-81-8150 PC120, PC100N-6, PC120- 6Z, PC128UU-1, PC120-6S, PC130-6, PC100L-6, PW130- 6K S4D95L
6205-81-8270 PC-88MR-6 SAA4D95LE
6207-81-8130 WA150, WA150-1, WA180- 1, GD511A-1, PL150LC-3, S6D95L
PC150-3, GD510R-1, GD405A- 2S, CL60-2
6207-81-8210 PC200, PC200-5, PC200LC-5, PC200-5X, PC200LC-5X, BR200S-1, BR200J-1, BR200R-1, PC200-5C, PC200LC-5C, BR200- 1, PC200-5T S6D95L
6207-81-8220 PC200, PC220-5, PL220LC-5, BR310JG-1, BR300J-1 SA6D95L
6207-81-8331 PC200, PC200-6S, PC200LC- 6S, PC200-6Z, PC200-6H, PL210-6, PC210LC-6G S6D95
6208-81-8100 PC130, PC130-7, PC130-7K , PC128US-2, PC138US-2 SAA4D95LE
6222-81-8170 WA350, WA350-3, PC300-5, PC220LC-6, PC250-6 SAD108
6222-81-8210 PC300, PC300-5, PC310-5, PC310LC-5, PC300LC-5, PC300HD-5K,  PC300LC-5K SA6D108
6222-81-8311 WA420, WA420-3, WA400-3A-S SA6D108
6222-83-8171 PC300, PC300-6, PC300LC-6, PC350-6, PC350LC-6, CD110R-1, BR300S-1, PC300- SAA6D108E
6Z, PC380LC-6K, PC340NLC-8
6502-12-9005 D355A, D355A-5, D355A-3 SA6D155
6502-13-2003 D155A, D150A-1, D155A-2, D155C-1D, EG300-1, D155W-1 S6D155
6505-52-5410 D155A, D155A-2A, D155AX-3, D155AX-5, D155A-5, D155C-1, D355C-3 SA6D140, SA6D140E
6505-52-5510 WA600, WA600-1, WA600-1H, WD600-1, PC000-1, D375A-2 S6D170
6505-65-5020 PC600LC, PC600LC-6A, D155AX-5, PC600-7-M1, PC650-7-M1,  PC650LC-7-M1, CS360-2, CS360SD-2, WA500- 3,  GD825-2E0, PC600LC-7K, WA500-3LK SA6D140E
6505-65-5030 HD325, PC1800-6-M1, HD405- 6, HD325-6, HD325-6W SAA6D140E
6505-65-5140 D275A, D275A-5, D275AX-5, D275A-5D SDA6D140E
6505-67-5040 HD785-7 SAA12V140E
6506-21-5010 WA450, WA450-6, WA470- 6, WA480-6, D85PX-15E0, D85EX-15E0 SAA6D125E
6506-21-5020 PC400LC, PC400LC-8, PC450-8, PC400-8, PC450LC-8, BR580JG-1, PC450-7E0, PC450LC-7E0, PC450LCHD-8 SAA6D125E
6735-81-8031 PC220, PC200-65, JV100WA-2, GD405A-3, GD505A-3A, WA250-3- SN, WA200-3, PLC210-6D, PC228US-1, WA250L-3, PC250LC-6, PC230-6, BR250RG-1, WA180PT-3, D41P-6K, CD60R-1A S6D102E
6735-81-8200 WA200, WA200-3, GD505A- 3A, JV100WA-2, GD405A-3S, WA250-3, WA180-3, JV100A- 2T, WA150-3-SN, GD521A-1E S6D102E
6735-81-8201 PC200, PC200-6S, PC220-6 S6D102
6735-81-8300 PC200, PC200-6S, PC200CA-6, PC200-6Z, PC200LC-6, PC228UU-1, PC228USLC-1, PC210-6 S6D102E
6735-81-8400 PC220, PC220-6, PC220- 6Z, PC250LC-6, PC230-6, PC220LC-6,  PC250HD-6Z, BR350JG-1, BR250RG-1 SA6D102E
6736-81-8190 WA320, WA320-3CS, WA320- 3, WA300L-3 SA6D102E
6738-81-8092 PC200, PC200-7, PC200LC-7, PC228US-3YB, PC228USLC- 3-YB, BZ210-1, PC210LC, BP500-7 SAA6D102E
6738-81-8192 PC220, PC220-7, PC270- 7, PC230-7, PC220LC-7, PC230LC-7, BR300S-2-M1, BR380JG-1, PC308USLC SAA6D102E
6743-81-8040 PC350, PC300-7, PC300-7- AA, PL300LC-7, PC350-7- AA, PC350LC-7, PC350-7, CD110R-2,  PC340NLC-7K, PC380LC-7K SAA6D114E


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