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Caterpillar Top Rollers

The Caterpillar top roller is part of the moving part of the Caterpillar track.original and aftermarket (replacement) Caterpillar Top Rollers Its purpose is to ensure minimum sagging of the upper part of the Caterpillar track. Caterpillar top rollers are made of steel and are used to support the upper section of the track in the track chassis, which includes several supporting Caterpillar top rollers. They are located on the carrier, respectively, are installed on both sides, between the Caterpillar drive and return wheels. The Caterpillar top roller for supporting the tracks and chassis includes a bearing block with a roller. This mechanism, which has the ability to rotate, connects to the suspension unit suspension Caterpillar undercarriage.

The Caterpillar top roller (Caterpillar roller, Caterpillar upper roller) is a Caterpillar track element designed to support the upper part of the Caterpillar track and to facilitate tension that reduces sagging. The use of a lot support rollers reduces the force necessary for pulling the track. Also, Caterpillar rollers prevent Caterpillar strikes on the frame and give the track contour an optimal shape, thereby reducing power losses.

Caterpillar top rollers are mounted on Caterpillar bearings, which are attached to the body by brackets of a special design.

All necessary original Caterpillar undercarriage parts and aftermarket or replacement Caterpillar top rollers online

1758007 - TOP ROLLER G
1758026 - TOP ROLLER G
1758037 - TOP ROLLER G
1758044 - TOP ROLLER G
1758084 - TOP ROLLER G
1758218 - TOP ROLLER
1758487 - TOP ROLLER G
1758546 - TOP ROLLER G
1758704 - TOP ROLLER G
1758784 - TOP ROLLER G
1758797 - TOP ROLLER
1758909 - TOP ROLLER G
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