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Hyundai Hydraulic Pumps

The Hyundai hydraulic system works as follows:original and aftermarket (replacement) Hyundai Hydraulic Pumps

The diesel engine rotates the shaft of the Hyundai hydraulic pump, which converts mechanical energy into energy hydraulic.

The hydraulic fluid is piped into the Hyundai hydraulic pump and the Hyundai hydraulic cylinders through the Hyundai control valve system and converted there into mechanical energy of rotation or reciprocating motion.

After performing the work, the hydraulic fluid returns to the hydraulic oil tank and enters the Hyundai hydraulic pump. The cycle of work is repeated.

Exist two types of heavy equipment Hydraulic systems:

A volumetric hydraulic system for its operation uses hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps operating under high pressure up to 350 MPa. This system uses the principle of alternately filling the working chambers of the pump and the hydraulic motor with a hydraulic fluid and displacing it from there under high pressure. The speed of movement of the working fluid in such a system is small. The main factor of the system is pressure. The volumetric hydraulic drive in physical dimensions is more compact and has received wider application than hydrodynamic.

If you are looking for the original Hyundai hydraulic pump or the replacement or aftermarket Hyundai hydraulic pump, you can buy them from us online

  Model Serial Number Main Pump Gear Pump Notes
Old Crawler Excavator          
  R130LC   11E6-1501 3803830583-1  
  R200LC ~ 1033 E111-1501 3803830583-1  
  R200LC 1034 - 1352 E111-5120 3803830583-1  
  R200LC 1353 ~ 31E1-03010 2902440-0396A  
  R280LC   E211-1501 3803830583 NV Type
  R280LC   31E2-03010 3803830583 K3V Type
  R290LC   11E9-1501 3803830583-2  
  R320LC ~ 0737 11E5-1501 3803830583-1  
  R320LC 0738 ~ 31E5-03010 2902440-0397A  
  R420   31E7-4001 704-23-30601  
3-Series Crawler Excavator          
  R55-3 ~ 1416 31M6-50031 H9116R7658-0  
  R55-3 1417 ~ 31M6-50031 720004  
  R130LC-3 ~ 0177 11E6-1501 3803830583-1  
  R130LC-3 0178 ~ 31E6-03010 2902440-0395A  
  R160LC-3   31EG-10010 2902440-0395A  
  R180LC-3 ~ 0555 11EK-15010 438217  
  R180LC-3 0556 ~ 11EK-15011    
  R200NLC-3 ~ 0002 11EK-15010 438217  
  R200NLC-3 0003 ~ 11EK-15011    
  R210 ECONO   31E1-03110 2902440-0396F  
  R210LC-3   31EM-10010 2902440-0396A  
  R210LC-3H ~ 0315 31EM-10010 2902440-0396A  
  R210LC-3H 0316 ~ 31EM-10140 718155  
  R250LC-3   31EN-10010 2902440-0396A  
  R290LC-3 ~ 0072 11E9-1501 3803830583-2  
  R290LC-3 0073 ~ 31E9-03010 2902440-0397A  
  R290LC-3H ~ 1221 31E9-03010 2902440-0397A  
  R290LC-3H 1222 ~ 31E9-03020 718156  
  R360LC-3   31EH-03010 2902440-0398A  
  R360LC-3H   31EH-03010 2902440-0398A  
  R450LC-3   34E7-00250 2902440-0398A  
  R540LC-3A   34E7-03650 2902440-0398C  
7-Series Crawler Excavator          
  R15-7   XJDH-01447    
  R16-7   XJDH-01447    
  R22-7   XJDH-03655    
  R28-7   XJDH-02793    
  R35-7   XJDH-02794    
  R35-7Z   31MH-10010 XJDD-00692  
  R35Z-7A   31MH-10010 XJDD-00692  
  R36N-7   XJDH-03717    
  R55-7   31M8-10020 XJDD-01033  
  R55-7A   31M8-10020 XJDD-01033  
  R75-7   XJDH-01739 XJDH-02362  
  R80-7   31N1-10010 XJDD-00008 Type 1
  R80-7   31Q1-10050   Type 2
  R80-7A   31N1-10010 XJDD-00008 Type 1
  R80-7A   31Q1-10050   Type 2
  R110-7   31N3-10050 XJBN-00385  
  R110-7A   31N3-10060 XJBN-00385  
  R140LC-7 ~ 1682 31N3-10010 XJBN-00385  
  R140LC-7 1683 ~ 31N3-10011 XJBN-00922  
  R140LC-7A   31N4-10010 XJBN-00922  
  R160LC-7 ~ 0096 31N5-10010 XJBN-00385  
  R160LC-7 0097 ~ 31N5-10011 XJBN-00922  
  R160LC-7A   31N5-10030 XJBN-00922  
  R180LC-7 ~ 0071 31N5-10010 XJBN-00385  
  R180LC-7 0072 ~ 31N5-10011 XJBN-00922  
  R180LC-7A   31N5-10030 XJBN-00922  
  R210LC-7   31N6-10010 XJBN-00737  
  R210LC-7   31N6-10050 XJBN-00929  
  R210LC-7   31N6-10051 XJBN-00929  
  R210LC-7A   31N6-10080 XJBN-00929  
  R210LC-7H ~ 0685 31N6-10020 XKAH-00551  
  R210LC-7H 0686 ~ 31N6-10030 XJBN-00929  
  R210NLC-7   31N6-10010 XJBN-00747  
  R210NLC-7A   31N6-17010 XJBN-01128  
  R210LC-7 ~ 1000 31N6-10010 XJBN-00747  
  R210LC-7 1001-3220 31N6-10050 XJBN-00737  
  R210LC-7 3221 ~ 31N6-10051 XJBN-00929  
  R210LC-7A   31N6-10080 XJBN-00929  
  RC215C-7   31N6-10051 XJBN-00929  
  RC215LC-7H ~ 9067 31N6-10020 XKAH-00551  
  RC215LC-7H 9068 ~ 31N6-10030 XJBN-00929  
  R250LC-7   31N7-10010 XJBN-00737  
  R250LC-7   31N7-10011 XJBN-00929  
  R250LC-7A   31N7-10030 XJBN-00929  
  R290LC-7 ~ 0208 31N8-10010 XJBN-00520  
  R290LC-7 0209-1179 31N8-10050 XJBN-00847  
  R290LC-7 1180 ~ 31N8-10060 XJBN-00965  
  R290LC-7A   31N8-10080 XJBN-00965  
  R290LC-7H   31N8-10020 XKAH-00242  
  R300LC-7   31N8-10030 XJBN-00935  
  R305LC-7 ~ 1029 31N8-10011 XJBN-00520  
  R305LC-7 1030 ~ 31N8-10070 XJBN-00935  
  R320LC-7   31N9-10010 XJBN-00655  
  R320LC-7A   31N9-10010 XJBN-00655  
  R360LC-7   31NA-10010 XJBN-00520  
  R360LC-7A   31NA-10030 XJBN-00520  
  R370LC-7   31NA-10020   Type 1
  R370LC-7   31NA-10021   Type 2
  R450LC-7 ~ 0463 31NB-10010 XJBN-00747  
  R450LC-7 0464 ~ 31NB-10020 31NB-30020  
  R450LC-7A   31NB-10020 31NB-30020  
  R450LC-7A   31NB-10022 31NB-30020  
  R500LC-7   31NB-10020 31NB-30020  
  R500LC-7   31NB-10022 31NB-30020  
  R500LC-7A   31NB-10020 31NB-30020  
  R500LC-7A   31NB-10022 31NB-30020  
  R800LC-7A   31ND-10010 XJBN-01192  
  R800-7AFS   31ND-10010 XJBN-01192  
9-Series Crawler Excavator          
  R16-9   31MJ-10010 XJDK-00124  
  R27Z-9   31MK-10010 XJDK-00138  
  R35Z-9   31MH-10010 XJDD-00692  
  R55-9   31M9-10030 XJDD-00792  
  R55-9S   31M9-10030 XJDD-00792  
  R60CR-9   31M9-10030 XJDD-00792  
  R80CR-9   31Q1-10010 XJDD-01183  
  R140LC-9   31Q4-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R140LC-9S   31Q4-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R145CR-9   31N4-10050 XJBN-01569  
  R160LC-9   31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R160LC-9S   31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R180LC-9   31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R180LC-9S   31Q5-10010 XJBN-01569  
  R210LC-9   31Q6-10010 XJBN-01196  
  R210LC-9   31Q6-10020 XJBN-01196  
  R210NLC-9   31Q6-10100 XJBN-01125  
  R210LC-9BC   31Q6-10050 XJBN-01196  
  R210LC-9BH   31Q6-10050 XJBN-01196  
  R235LC-9   31Q6-10010 XJBN-01196  
  R250LC-9   31Q7-10010 XJBN-01196  
  R260LC-9S   31Q7-10050 XJBN-01196  
  R290LC-9   31Q8-10010 XJBN-00965  
  R300LC-9S   31Q8-10030 XJBN-00965  
  R300LC-9SH   31Q8-10030 XJBN-00965  
  R320LC-9   31Q9-10010 XJBN-00847  
  R330LC-9S   31Q9-10030 XJBN-00847  
  R330LC-9SH   31Q9-10020 XJBN-00965  
  R360LC-9   31QA-10010 XJBN-01499  
  R380LC-9SH   31QA-10021 2902440-2520A  
  R480LC-9   31QB-10011 31QB-30130  
  R480LC-9S   31QB-10011 31NB-30020  
  R520LC-9   31QB-10011 31QB-30130  
  R520LC-9S   31QB-10011 31NB-30020  
  R800LC-9   31QD-10010 XJBN-01192  
  R1200-9   31QE-10010 31QE-30020  
Old Wheel Excavators          
  R120W   11E3-1501    
  R130W ~ 0115 11E6-1501 3803830583  
  R130W 0116 ~ 31E6-03010 2902440-0395A  
  R200W2   293G4127-9N09 3803830583-1  
3-Series Wheel Excavators          
  R55W-3   31M6-06012 722310  
  R95W-3   31EE-10010 H9116R7465-0  
  R130W-3   31EA-00200    
  R170W-3 ~ 0285 11EK-15010 438217  
  R170W-3 0286 ~ 11EK-15011    
  R200W-3   31ER-03010    
7-Series Wheel Excavators          
  R55W-7   31M8-15020 XKAH-00860 T5VP2D25
  R55W-7   31M8-15011 XJDD-00876 AP2D28
  R55W-7A   31M8-15020 XKAH-00860  
  R140W-7 ~ 0389 31N4-15011 XJBN-00895  
  R140W-7 0390 ~ 31N4-15012 XJBN-00923  
  R140W-7A   31N4-15040 XJBN-00923  
  R170W-7 ~ 0091 31N5-15010 XJBN-00895  
  R170W-7 0092 ~ 31N5-15011 XJBN-00923  
  R170W-7A   31N5-15030 XJBN-00923  
  R200W-7   31N6-15010 XJBN-00841  
  R200W-7A   31N6-15310 XJBN-01125  
9-Series Wheel Excavators          
  R55W-9   31M8-15021 XJDD-00876  
  R55W-9S   31M8-15021 XJDD-00876  
  R140W-9   31Q4-15020 XJBN-00923  
  R140W-9S   31Q4-15030 XJBN-00923  
  R170W-9   31Q5-15010 XJBN-00923  
  R170W-9S   31Q5-15030 XJBN-00923  
  R210W-9   31Q6-15010 XJBN-01125  
  R210W-9S   31Q6-15320 XJBN-01125  


3028422 - GEAR-HYD PUMP
3038993 - GEAR-HYD PUMP
3161567 - GEAR-HYD PUMP
31S4-00010 - HYD PUMP ASSY
35D1-10730 - HYD PUMP ASSY
3923321 - DRIVE-HYD PUMP
3936223 - DRIVE-HYD PUMP

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