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JCB Construction Track Shoes

JCB Construction track shoe - an integral part of the crawler chain JCB Construction construction machines on equipment such as excavators, lifting machines, bulldozers, tractors and more. Designed to reduce the specific pressure of the weight of the base machine on the surface, which ensures patency on weak soils. To work equipped with rubber JCB Construction tracks in urban areas, reducing noise and damage cover (asphalt, concrete and so on). For work in wetland conditions, arched track shoes are used.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Track Shoes

The JCB Construction shoe track is one of the components of the JCB Construction track. JCB Construction shoes tracks are cast or forged units of wear-resistant steel, having on the outer surface of the lugs on the inner surface - the guide ridges, and apertures which include the teeth of the drive wheels, and lugs, which includes connecting pins pivotally connecting the tracks with each other. According to the constructive implementation of the JCB Construction links, there are composite and integral castings.

At present, several dozen types of JCB Construction shoes track are known. The design and material of the JCB Construction shoe track are determined by the type and conditions in which the machinery will be operated. The choice of the type of JCB Construction shoe track affects everything from weather conditions to the type of soil. For example, in the marshes are exploited wider swamp JCB Construction track shoe.

All necessary original JCB Construction undercarriage parts and aftermarket or replacement JCB Construction track shoes online

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