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JCB Construction Starter Motors

original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Starter MotorsAs the name suggests, a JCB Construction starter for heavy equipment is used to start an internal combustion engine. To do this, it provides a primary rotation of the crankshaft with the required frequency. The starter is an integral part of the electrical system of any modern JCB Construction equipment. Structurally it is a four-pole DC motor, powered by a JCB Construction battery.

The JCB Construction engine generates the energy necessary for the movement of the JCB Construction equipment, due to the speed of the JCB Construction crankshaft. All electrical equipment works from the same energy. In a stationary state, the engine is not capable of delivering either torque or electric energy. In this regard, it is necessary to "untwist" it with a special electric motor - a JCB Construction starter motor, and an external power source - a JCB Construction battery.

On motors with diesel power system, as well as on high-power engines, a JCB Construction starter motor with a gearbox is installed. The planetary gearbox, consisting of several gears, is mounted in the starter housing. It several times strengthens the passing voltage, thereby increasing the torque.

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