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JCB wires and wiring harnesses

Modern JCB equipment, is saturated with a large number of electronics, ranging from the illumination of devices and ending with electronic equipment. For the functioning of the entire JCB electrical system, as for any electrical system need wires.JCB wires and wiring harnesses

JCB wiring comes in 2 types: high and low voltage. The first option is used in the ignition circuit, the second - to connect elements of the onboard JCB electric system. Each wire is a collection of thin copper wires. Insulation is performed by winding JCB wires.

The selection of such materials is dictated by the main requirements imposed on wires and JCB wiring harnesses. Among them are: the flexibility of the wires, good conductive properties, resistance of the insulating material, both to high and to too low temperature conditions, non-propagation of the insulation of the combustion process, resistance to aggressive media such as gasoline or oil.

JCB wiring is a collection of wires that are bundled together. In this case, the most optimal for use in such harnesses are considered to be wires with a length of at least 100mm. The harnesses also include tips, braid, caps that perform a protective function and are made, as a rule, of rubber. Since the wires are exposed to heat, this fact must be taken into account when choosing the size of the cross-section of the wires to be bundled. This is also influenced by the design features of the harness itself, the number of wires of which it consists and the strength indicators necessary for the installation and operation of wires. In the JCB wiring, mainly wires with a cross section are used, the indicators of which are in the range of 0.5-95 mm, and the data on the insulation, respectively, are 0.35-1.6 mm. Depending on the color of the wires, there are several types of labeling. This helps to simplify their installation and helps to simplify the search in case of breakage. The color of the wires can be either completely single-colored (consists of 11 colors), or, in addition to the main color, contain stripes or rings that are colored differently.

In order to reduce radio interference, a braid of wires made of shielding material can be used, and to resist all sorts of mechanical effects that can damage wires, it is possible to use armored insulation.

The main requirements for these JCB wires harnesses - resistance to high temperatures, oils, interference, no leakage current.

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