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JCB Construction injectors

original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction injectorsThe diesel JCB Construction injector is one of the main elements of the diesel engine power system. The JCB Construction injector provides direct fuel supply to the combustion chamber of the engine, as well as metering the supplied fuel at a high frequency (more than 2,000 pulses per minute).  JCB Construction Injector performs an effective spray of fuel in the space above the piston. Fuel as a result of such spraying takes the form of a torch. JCB Construction injectors of different fuel supply systems have design features and differ in the way they are controlled. The injectors are divided into two groups:



The principle of operation of the diesel power system with the mechanical control of the JCB Construction injector is as follows. A fuel from the fuel tank is supplied to the JCB Construction fuel pump of high pressure (CNT) (JCB Construction injection pump). The supply is provided by a JCB Construction feed pump, which creates a low pressure required to pump fuel through the fuel lines.

Electromechanical diesel injector JCB Construction

Further development of the JCB Construction diesel fuel supply systems resulted in the appearance of JCB Construction injectors, in which fuel is supplied to the cylinders by means of electromechanical injectors. In such injectors, the JCB Construction injector needle opens and closes the access to the spray gun, not under the influence of fuel pressure and counteracting the force of the spring, but by means of a special controlled solenoid valve. The valve is controlled by the engine control unit, without the corresponding signal of which the fuel will not enter the nebulizer.

JCB Construction Pump-injector

One of the varieties of diesel power systems are structures in which the injection pump is completely missing. The so-called JCB Construction pump-injectors are responsible for creating a high injection pressure. The principle of the system is that the low pressure pump first supplies diesel directly to the injector, which already has its own plunger pair to create a high injection pressure. The plunger pair of the injector operates from the direct action of the camshaft cams on it. This system allows to achieve a better quality of fuel atomization due to the ability to create a very high injection pressure.

Original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction injectors online.

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