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JCB Construction air filters

JCB Construction air filter for the engine - a paper, felt or other air cleaner that prevents dust and dirt particles from entering the fuel / air mixture system. Just like the JCB Construction oil and fuel filter, the air contributes to a stable and trouble-free operation of the internal combustion engine.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction air filters

The purpose of the air filter

For the smooth operation of the JCB Construction engine, as you know, you need air. If it contains mechanical impurities or dust particles, the functionality of the motor is impaired. The air filter serves as a reliable barrier to various kinds of contaminants. Replacing the JCB Construction air filter - a responsible process, to ignore which is unacceptable. Moreover, it needs to be done in a timely and regular manner. For JCB Construction heavy equipment, the filter change becomes especially urgent. The reason for this is the work of the JCB Construction heavy equipment in difficult conditions, such as quarries, mines, construction sites and so on, far from service organization. Therefore, the JCB Construction air filter - an important element, the reliability of which will prevent stopping equipment.

How the air filter works

For reliable operation of the smallest JCB Construction engine, 1 kg of fuel consumes 13 to 15 kg of air. This figure can reach values ​​of 20-25 kg for larger JCB Construction engines. Its fence comes from the environment, that is, it depends on the weather conditions, as well as the operating conditions. During operation, even small stones, asphalt pavement particles, moisture, dust and other contaminants can get into the engine, along with the airflow. The purpose of the air filter is precisely to prevent unauthorized objects and harmful substances from entering the engine.

Here you can buy original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction air filters for JCB Construction equipment online.

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