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JCB Construction turbochargers

JCB Construction turbocharger is a technically sophisticated mechanism that uses the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases to increase the pressure inside the JCB Construction intake system. Compressing, a mixture of fuel and air increases the mass of the fuel charge inside the JCB Construction cylinders, which increases the caloric content and, consequently, the engine power.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction turbochargers

The essence of the JCB Construction turbocharger is the strongest compression of air that enters the engine and enriches the fuel mixture, creating a high explosion power in the cylinder - this greatly improves the mass ratio of the JCB Construction engine to its power. Based on this, it can be argued that an engine with a JCB Construction turbocharger produces much more useful energy than the same unit without it. The operating speed of the JCB Construction turbine can be about 250,000 - 280,000 rpm. For comparison, the speed of the internal combustion engine itself is 30 times less. And since the JCB Construction turbocharger works by exhaust gases, the operating temperature of the supercharger is very high. It should pay special attention to this, not allowing the turbine to cool down quickly - this will significantly increase the period of its operation.

The main principle of operation of the JCB Construction turbocharger is that the exhaust gases rotate the turbine, which is directly connected to the compressor and sucks in additional air to the engine. Here, in general terms, how it all works:

1. Cold air enters the air intake of the engine and moves towards the compressor.

2. The of a JCB Construction compressor impeller sucks in air.

3. The compressor compresses and heats the incoming air, and then blows it out.

4. Hot compressed air from the compressor passes through the heat exchanger, which cools the air.

5. The cooled compressed air enters the cylinder. The additional oxygen helps burn the fuel in the JCB Construction cylinder at a faster rate.

6. Since more fuel burns in the cylinder, it produces energy faster and can send more power to the wheels with the help of a piston and shafts.

7. The exhaust gases from the cylinder exit through the exhaust port.

8. Hot exhaust gases pass through the impeller of the turbine, causing it to rotate at a higher speed.

9. The turbine is fixed to one shaft with the compressor, so when the turbine rotates, the compressor also starts to rotate.

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