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Komatsu crankshafts

Komatsu crankshaft is one of the most responsible and costly design elements of an internal combustion engine. It converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into a torque. The crankshaft senses periodic load variables from the pressure forces of the gases, as well as the inertia forces of the moving and rotating masses. Crankshaft Komatsu

The crankshaft of the engine, as a rule, is a one-piece structural element. 

The shaft is made of steel by forging or cast iron. On diesel and turbocharged engines, more robust steel crankshafts are installed.

The connecting rod, located between the two cheeks, is called the knee. The knees are located depending on the number, location and order of operation of the cylinders, engine speed. The position of the knees should ensure the stability of the engine, uniformity of ignition, minimum torsional vibrations and bending moments. 

The rotation of the crankshaft in the supports, and the connecting rods in the crankpins is provided with sliding bearings. As bearings, split thin-walled liners are used, which are made of steel strip with an applied antifriction layer.The protrusion, which they fix in the support, prevents the inserts from rotating around the neck. To prevent axial movements of the crankshaft, a thrust sliding bearing is used, which is mounted on the middle or extreme root neck.

The power take-off from the crankshaft is made from the rear end (shank) to which the flywheel is attached. At the front end (toe) of the crankshaft are seating seats on which the camshaft drive gear (asterisk) are fastened, the drive pulley of the auxiliary units, and in a number of designs - the torsional vibration damper. By design, these are two discs and the elastic material that connects them (rubber, silicone fluid, spring), which absorbs the vibration of the shaft due to internal friction.

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CR1240355H91 - CRANKSHAFT YM119326-21700 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR1240820H91 - CRANKSHAFT YM119624-21700 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR1240968H93 - CRANKSHAFT YM119802-21002 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6127-31-1012 - CRANKSHAFT YM123900-21050 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6162-33-1402 - CRANKSHAFT YM129001-21000 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6164-31-1100 - CRANKSHAFT YM129001-21100 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6732-31-1100 - CRANKSHAFT YM129407-21000 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6736-31-1100 - CRANKSHAFT YM129407-21100 - CRANKSHAFT A
CR6742-01-1570 - CRANKSHAFT YM129902-21000 - CRANKSHAFT
C1216514H91 - CRANKSHAFT YM729400-21700 - CRANKSHAFT
C1216601H91 - CRANKSHAFT 1238647H2 - CRANKSHAFT G
C1216602H91 - CRANKSHAFT 1239981H1 - CRANKSHAFT K
C1216604H91 - CRANKSHAFT 1304956H92 - CRANKSHAFT-E
C1216629H91 - CRANKSHAFT 1307352H91 - CRANKSHAFT,
C1216630H91 - CRANKSHAFT 1318212H91 - CRANKSHAFT
C1216631H91 - CRANKSHAFT 5199195 - CRANKSHAFT
C1216654H91 - CRANKSHAFT 5207510 - CRANKSHAFT
C1216655H91 - CRANKSHAFT 5222166 - CRANKSHAFT
C735215C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6127-31-1010 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735223C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6144-31-1200 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735227C92 - CRANKSHAFT 6201-31-1100 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735229C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6205-31-1202 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735230C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6252-31-1010 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735232C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6271-31-1110 - CRANKSHAFT A
C735268C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6680-31-1011 - CRANKSHAFT A
C749659C91 - CRANKSHAFT 6732-31-1111 - CRANKSHAFT
DK487008-9301 - CRANKSHAFT 6746-31-1120 - CRANKSHAFT A
YM119265-21700 - CRANKSHAFT A 6754-32-1331 - CRANKSHAFT-E
YM119266-21700 - CRANKSHAFT A 836866477 - CRANKSHAFT
YM119309-21700 - CRANKSHAFT A  
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