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Volvo Bottom Rollers

Volvo Bottom Roller is a crawler drive element that is a movable support for a Volvo equipment (a tractor, bulldozer, excavator, etc.) that use Volvo track chains. The part is to be installed with Volvo bearings on the axles to the suspension of the running gear.original and aftermarket (replacement) Volvo Bottom Rollers

Volvo bottom rollers are mounted on bearings on axles that are connected to the body through a suspension. In order to mitigate impacts on the Volvo during the movement in a rough terrain, the Volvo rollers are usually made rubberized. It can also be made of composite materials. Volvo bottom rollers have an internal design based on a coil or cylindrical roller bearings. Thick-walled outer ring allows to withstand high radial loads.

Types of Volvo Bottom Rollers:

- Rubberized;

- Not rubberized;

- Rollers with internal cushioning.

Volvo Bottom roller supports the following functions:

- Improvement of the rotating Volvo track chain;

- Reduction of noise generated between the Volvo track chains and the Volvo bottom roller;

- Long service life of Volvo undercarriage spare parts.

All necessary original Volvo undercarriage parts and aftermarket or replacement Volvo bottom rollers online

VOE14024006 Bottom Roller VOE14260870 Bottom Roller
VOE14214918 Bottom Roller VOE14674550 Bottom Roller
MI106570 Roller RM21175989 Bearing: Needle Roller
MI11702002 Roller RM21294400 Chain: Roller
MI11704786 Roller RM21349147 Insert: Roller
MI12002065 Roller RM21432935 Chain: Convr Roller
MI122382 Roller RM21432943 Chain: Auger Roller
MI123627 Roller RM21432984 Chain Roller
MI123979 Roller RM21874243 Track Roller
MI124576 Roller RM21937685 Track Roller
MI126246 Roller RM43877133 Bearing Roller
MI2109810 Roller RM43882885 Roller
MI4094969 Roller RM43911676 Guide Roller
MI9030126 Roller RM43928555 Roller
MI947178 Roller RM43928563 Roller
PJ5231016 Roller RM43949247 Roller
PJ6770160 Roller RM46645016 Idler Roller
PJ7412150 Roller RM46649877 Roller
PJ7415218 Roller RM50876762 Needle Roller
PJ7415578 Roller RM56259088 Idler Roller
RM13246632 Case Roller RM56295959 Glow Controller
RM13783097 Bearing - Roller RM58832486 Roller
RM13783279 Bearing - Roller RM58833229 Track Roller
RM13799127 Roller RM58853862 Support Roller
RM13820527 Track Roller RM58855883 Roller
RM13835210 Roller RM58856162 Roller
RM13835228 Roller RM58856451 Roller
RM13893326 Edge Compaction Roller RM58867839 Track Roller
RM13918859 Supporting Roller RM59067538 Bearing Roller
RM13920939 Supporting Roller RM59382283 Track Roller
RM13922448 Roller RM59433227 Controller
RM13938287 Guide Roller RM59506873 Roller
RM13945175 Roller RM59630400 Roller
RM13948153 Roller RM59752444 Roller
RM13955950 Roller RM59803742 Roller
RM13957642 Roller RM59920199 Roller
RM13958319 Interm Spray Controller RM80682271 Roller
RM13959242 Support Roller RM80741689 Roller
RM13965959 Holder Slope Controller RM80746795 Track Roller
RM13966908 Roller RM80768922 Roller
RM13973466 Cylindrical Roller RM80788185 Roller
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