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Volvo Control Modules, Units - ECU, ECM

In Volvo electronics, an electronic control unit (ECU) is an embedded system that controls one or more electrical systems or subsystems in Volvo technology.

ECM (electronic engine control).Volvo ECM, ECU

Volvo ECM - Engine Control Module.

Volvo ECU - Electronic Control Unit - electronic control unit - a general term for any electronic control unit.

By types of ECU can be divided into:

 - Electronic (ECU),

- Engine control unit (ECM)

- Combined power transmission control unit

- Transmission control unit

- Brake control unit

- Central control module

- Central synchronization module

- Main electronic module,

- Suspension control module.

Taken together, these systems are sometimes referred to as Volvo computer hardware. Technically, this is not a single computer, but several blocks. Sometimes a single assembly includes several separate control modules.

Modern Volvo equipment include up to 80 ECU. Embedded software in an ECU continues to evolve according to quantity, complexity, and sophistication. Managing the increase in complexity and the number of ECUs as Volvo parts in Volvo technology has become one of the key tasks.

VOE14650485 Ecu VOE14601910 Ecu
VOE21300060 Ecu VOE14548126 Ecu
VOE21358126 Ecu VOE14594698 Ecu
VOE8014609502 Ecu VOE14546741 Ecu
VOE11886047 Ecu VOE11184401 Ecu
VOE11888041 Ecu VOE11185020 Ecu
VOE11888385 Ecu VOE14518349 Ecu
VOE11888852 Ecu VOE20582958 Ecu
VOE14390248 Ecu VOE20577135 Ecu
VOE11380001 Ecu VOE14554880 Ecu
VOE11382000 Ecu VOE60100002 Ecu
VOE60100012 Ecu VOE14390015 Ecu
VOE21063598 Ecu VOE11886347 Ecu
VOE14609611 Ecu VOE20577132 Ecu
VOE14585031 Ecu PJ7551035 Control Security
VOE14640103 Ecu VOE12740844 Bracket-D7 Ecu Harness
VOE14636301 Ecu VOE9020814604 ECU
VOE21300122 Ecu VOE9021695313 ECU
VOE60100011 Ecu VOE12730445 Ground Cable-Eecu To Fram
VOE14609502 Ecu ECU NETTO RM80695265
VOE14609612 Ecu IECU/UPGRADE 85101292, VOE85101292
VOE9014609502 Ecu TECU/UPGRADE 85101287, VOE85101287
VOE14640101 Ecu SECUNDAIRE CILINDE 3953330, VOE3953330
VOE14585030 Ecu SECUNDAIRE CILINDE 20376130, VOE20376130
VOE14630801 Ecu VECU/UPGRADE 85101289, VOE85101289
VOE14640102 Ecu GECU/UPGRADE 85101294, VOE85101294
VOE14390065 Ecu SECUNDAIRE CILINDE 3095402, VOE3095402
VOE20814604 Ecu SECUNDAIRE CILINDE 85103839, VOE85103839
VOE14590430 Ecu EECU/UPGRADE 85101286, VOE85101286
VOE14531360 Ecu  
SA8210-08040 Sleeve Control VOE12778130 Control
RM20183117 Engine Speed Control VOE11712965 Valve Control
VOE8046683066 Control VOE11197351 Control
VOE8043901206 Control SA1127-40761 Bracket Control
VOE9043901206 Control SA1023-04910 Bracket Control
PJ7413003 Switch Control RM14258990 Control
VOE16213459 Control CH73070 Control
VOE16691841 Valve Control VOE17224737 Control
VOE15427410 Valve Control VOE14881058 Push Pull Control
VOE16691832 Valve Control PJ5270444 Control
SA8240-00070 Switch Control VOE11444145 Control
VOE17225849 Throttle Control RM59631705 Control
VOE16691839 Valve Control VOE14370696 Engine Speed Control
VOE12795026 Valve Control RM21870761 Control
VOE16691831 Valve Control RM59603027 Control
VOE16691837 Valve Control SA1068-01571 Box Lh Control
SA3281916 Tube Air Fuel Control ZM2907550 Hand Throttle Control
SA2092-02710 Decal Control VOE17243781 Control
SA2092-01660 Decal Control SA1068-01580 Box Rh Control
SA1192-00781 Control VOE11306354 Valve Control
SA8320-00680 Switch Control VOE11370273 Control
SA8240-00090 Switch Control VOE14552412 Control
ZM2907474 Control RM20229068 Brake Control
RM13219423 Key Remote Control RM14258966 Control
VOE11707347 Control RM59741090 Control
SA1168-00180 Cap Fr Control RM13248000 Control
VOE11005670 Control VOE15059502 Control
VOE14502099 Control RM59694794 Control
RM13991658 Control RM13981915 Control
VOE14508626 Control SA1068-02410 Box Rh Control
ZM2182931 Control RM58891466 Control
VOE11988292 Stop Control VOE11711249 Control
VOE15420959 Valve Control RM58924697 Control
VOE14345562 Control VOE14609380 Regulator Control
RM56241516 Control VOE11370743 Control
VOE16691835 Valve Control VOE14502093 Box Rh Control
VOE15420960 Valve Control VOE14535543 Regulator Control
VOE15420952 Valve Control RM54559869 Brake Control
VOE15427411 Valve Control VOE14576355 Valve Control
VOE16691834 Valve Control RM14324610 Hydraulic Control
VOE15420619 Valve Control VOE11173915 Single Lever Control
VOE15427412 Valve Control VOE15213872 Valve Control
SA1025-00790 Switch Control VOE14535541 Regulator Control
VOE15420620 Valve Control VOE11104205 Single Lever Control
VOE16691833 Valve Control VOE15412524 Valve Control
RM56248495 Temperature Control VOE11881882 Control
RM21143805 Control VOE15102666 Control
RM13385828 Control VOE14522783 Control
VOE14697658 Control RM80691397 Hydraulic Control
VOE14552372 Control VOE14529887 Control
RM58876749 Control ZM2803261 Valve Control
RM13351382 Control VOE15017061 Single Lever Control
SA2043-00170 Boot Control VOE17242003 Single Lever Control
RM59114389 Control VOE15017137 Single Lever Control
RM20292322 Regulator Control VOE15400901 Valve Control
RM59092734 Control VOE15017095 Single Lever Control
RM20332979 Control RM13462247 Control
RM59227884 Heater Control VOE15017131 Single Lever Control
VOE14697657 Control VOE15400902 Valve Control
VOE14631180 Control VOE15400900 Valve Control
VOE14631179 Control VOE15400903 Valve Control
RM43900786 Remote Control VOE15024470 Control
RM59003244 Control RM14632475 Control
RM56287097 Remote Control SA8230-21740 Valve Control
RM13970900 Engine Speed Control VOE7307142 Control
RM87944039 Control VOE11164653 Control
SA2073-02981 Pipe Wa Control RM14774632 Material Control
SA2073-03001 Pipe Wa Control RM13920574 Remote Control
VOE9046683066 Control SA1060-60022 Box Lh Control
RM54565726 Control SA1060-33170 Box Lh Control
RM87967840 Control SA8320-21360 Control
RM43845205 Control SA2022-04690 Bracket Control
RM43901206 Control SA2022-04990 Bracket Control
RM46683066 Control SA1023-04911 Bracket Control
VOE12792565 Control SA2066-06392 Box Wa Control
RM13385836 Remote Control SA2066-06730 Box Wa Control
RM13863998 Control VOE12824620 Control
SA1020-62440 Switch Control SA8240-04390 Control
RM54652797 Control RM70829890 Control
RM87905808 Control VOE11715640 Control
VOE21084541 Control VOE15025327 Regulator Control
VOE20590582 Control VOE15025328 Regulator Control
VOE20590572 Control ZM2809883 Valve Control
VOE20590555 Control SA8230-25230 Regulator Control
RM54760327 Control SA8230-28200 Regulator Control
RM43862887 Control VOE15106582 Control
RM13373709 Remote Control VOE15122561 Control
CH97821 Control ZM2906589 Control
RM15499155 Snap Disc Fan Control ZM2909916 Control
RM43902089 Remote Control ZM2906486 Control
VOE11808180 Valve Control VOE17252636 Air Control
VOE11025639 Hand Throttle Control VOE15186996 Backrest Lock Control
VOE15140105 Wire Control VOE14520381 Control
ZM2900198 Wire Control SA8330-05750 Spacer Control
SA8330-02750 Insert Control SA8230-27990 Spring Control
VOE17248585 Control SA8330-07260 Spring Control
VOE11715422 Control VOE11032543 Control
SA9733-12225 Push Pull Control VOE11032527 Control
VOE14013991 Stop Control VOE11032542 Control
ZM2802322 Wire Control VOE17442847 Single Lever Control
VOE4724703 Control VOE17433156 Hand Throttle Control
VOE14212913 Throttle Control VOE9990662 Air Control
SA8230-27920 Spring Control ZM2287691 Control
RM21148945 Cable: 30 Series Control RM20245577 Harness Assembly Control
RM21286885 Cable: Control SA8230-29500 Bushing Control
RM21286893 Cable: Control SA1020-60490 Bracket Control
VOE16222664 Hand Throttle Control RM59596486 Throttle Control
VOE11715641 Control RM20169785 Control
VOE15148402 Control VOE11715423 Control
VOE14881057 Push Pull Control SA8230-29540 Piston Control
VOE14213903 Stop Control VOE11706316 Control
VOE11306943 Hand Throttle Control VOE11998837 Control
RM21148937 Cable: 30 Series Control VOE15169793 Heater Control
VOE11715296 Control SA1168-00140 Clip Lh Control
PJ7418496 Hydraulic Control SA8230-13130 Spring Control
ZM4376200 Wire Control ZM2800242 Control
SA9733-12260 Push Pull Control VOE15171665 Control
VOE14013992 Stop Control VOE15171856 Control
VOE11802717 Control CH24439 Control
RM56241888 Remote Control VOE17314429 Single Lever Control
SA1168-01000 Box Lh Control RM58876954 Control
VOE4869964 Control VOE11709930 Control
VOE11988531 Control VOE11706322 Control
VOE11988530 Control VOE17415042 Control
VOE11057143 Control VOE4973138 Control
VOE11051155 Control VOE14266411 Engine Speed Control
VOE14881059 Push Pull Control VOE11003174 Stop Control
VOE11712905 Control VOE1508869 Wire Control
RM21167754 Lever: Control VOE11039727 Hand Throttle Control
RM14298228 Variomatic Remote Control ZM2901456 Wire Control
VOE11051166 Control ZM2901284 Wire Control
ZM2807862 Wire Control ZM2910160 Wire Control
VOE14013993 Stop Control VOE11715275 Control
ZM4376198 Control VOE11988529 Control
RM21286224 Cable: Control CH37334 Control
MI2561843 Control VOE1526537 Control
VOE14213252 Stop Control VOE4880204 Wire Control
SA9733-24225 Push Pull Control VOE11997798 Control
SA9733-24205 Push Pull Control VOE17230369 Valve Control
RM59059808 Control PJ7417907 Hydraulic Control
SA9733-24235 Push Pull Control RM56255615 Valve Control
SA9733-24230 Push Pull Control VOE11715276 Control
RM59035964 Remote Control VOE11998836 Control
ZM4376212 Throttle Control VOE14345563 Engine Speed Control
VOE17210452 Throttle Control VOE14341095 Stop Control
SA9733-24260 Push Pull Control ZM2900285 Stop Control
SA9733-23160 Push Pull Control VOE11702331 Control
SA9733-24250 Push Pull Control SA1020-60390 Switch Control
SA9733-24300 Push Pull Control VOE11305652 Wire Control
VOE14214531 Stop Control RM59550301 Control
VOE16810736 Brake Control VOE15427414 Valve Control
ZM4363365 Control VOE15171668 Control
VOE12790175 Control VOE14372992 Wire Control
RM20928552 Regulator Control VOE11841328 Hand Throttle Control
ZM4376193 Control PJ7417524 Wire Control
SA9733-23280 Push Pull Control VOE4785371 Control
SA9733-23310 Push Pull Control VOE11057670 Wire Control
VOE15686161 Throttle Control VOE11057261 Wire Control
VOE15671272 Throttle Control RM54632054 Manual Emergency Control
SA9733-22300 Push Pull Control VOE15171847 Control
SA9733-23295 Push Pull Control VOE4786082 Control
RM13989686 Pressure Control VOE11305857 Wire Control
RM54556329 Control RM59737205 Throttle Control
VOE4941216 Control MI6229592 Stop Control
VOE11202931 Hand Throttle Control SA9733-12175 Push Pull Control
SA9733-22350 Push Pull Control VOE14211301 Stop Control
RM21148929 Cable: 30 Series Control VOE11100948 Parking Brake Control
RM13209796 Throttle Control VOE784751 Wire Control
SA9733-23370 Push Pull Control MI2561844 Control
ZM2905568 Valve Control SA1168-01520 Box Upr Control
SA9733-22400 Push Pull Control RM10642551 Flexball Remote Control
VOE15188207 Throttle Control VOE15151235 Hand Throttle Control
VOE11058089 Tipper Control ZM2807863 Wire Control
RM13964754 Pump Control VOE12743397 Control
VOE15049844 Throttle Control VOE20590563 Control
SA9733-22450 Push Pull Control VOE11885642 Hydraulic Control
RM20943833 Brake Control VOE11715198 Control
VOE17229279 Control VOE11712195 Cruise Control
VOE17229297 Control VOE15080908 Regulator Control
VOE17229290 Control CH68736 Control
VOE17229305 Control CH65204 Control
SA9733-22515 Push Pull Control VOE14611642 Regulator Control
SA9733-22535 Push Pull Control VOE15183170 Valve Control
CH54890 Lever-Manifold Control VOE17202142 Control
RM43843556 F Stop R Control RM56278435 Hydraulic Control
VOE11100089 Parking Brake Control  
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