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Volvo injectors

original and aftermarket (replacement) Volvo injectorsThe diesel Volvo injector is one of the main elements of the diesel engine power system. The Volvo injector provides direct fuel supply to the combustion chamber of the engine, as well as metering the supplied fuel at a high frequency (more than 2,000 pulses per minute).  Volvo Injector performs an effective spray of fuel in the space above the piston. Fuel as a result of such spraying takes the form of a torch. Volvo injectors of different fuel supply systems have design features and differ in the way they are controlled. The injectors are divided into two groups:



The principle of operation of the diesel power system with the mechanical control of the Volvo injector is as follows. A fuel from the fuel tank is supplied to the Volvo fuel pump of high pressure (CNT) (Volvo injection pump). The supply is provided by a Volvo feed pump, which creates a low pressure required to pump fuel through the fuel lines.

Electromechanical diesel injector Volvo

Further development of the Volvo diesel fuel supply systems resulted in the appearance of Volvo injectors, in which fuel is supplied to the cylinders by means of electromechanical injectors. In such injectors, the Volvo injector needle opens and closes the access to the spray gun, not under the influence of fuel pressure and counteracting the force of the spring, but by means of a special controlled solenoid valve. The valve is controlled by the engine control unit, without the corresponding signal of which the fuel will not enter the nebulizer.

Volvo Pump-injector

One of the varieties of diesel power systems are structures in which the injection pump is completely missing. The so-called Volvo pump-injectors are responsible for creating a high injection pressure. The principle of the system is that the low pressure pump first supplies diesel directly to the injector, which already has its own plunger pair to create a high injection pressure. The plunger pair of the injector operates from the direct action of the camshaft cams on it. This system allows to achieve a better quality of fuel atomization due to the ability to create a very high injection pressure.

Original and aftermarket (replacement) Volvo injectors online.

SA3070486 Sleeve Injector VOE9011032785 Injector
PJ7417502 Injector VOE470933 Injector
VOE16677772 Injector VOE479443 Injector
VOE22553032 Injector VOE8194094 Injector
VOE9016677772 Injector VOE9004881621 Injector
VOE9022341622 Injector VOE478605 Injector
VOE20798114 Injector VOE9000477885 Injector
VOE22553038 Injector VOE9011030650 Injector
VOE21714948 Injector VOE9004881622 Injector
VOE17248708 Injector VOE9000424530 Injector
VOE20798683 Injector VOE424530 Injector
VOE21773130 Injector VOE9000470933 Injector
VOE8021714948 Injector VOE1544090 Injector
VOE22263968 Injector VOE478606 Injector
VOE9022553038 Injector VOE9000422950 Injector
VOE9017324085 Injector VOE9008194094 Injector
VOE9021773130 Injector VOE9000478605 Injector
VOE9022336268 Injector VOE8004881653 Injector
VOE22341622 Injector VOE9000478606 Injector
VOE9020798683 Injector VOE422950 Injector
VOE22336268 Injector SA3411821 Injector
VOE17414036 Injector SA3084398 Injector
VOE9020798114 Injector VOE11162407 Injector
VOE17324085 Injector VOE9001544090 Injector
VOE9001556446 Injector VOE17229585 Injector
VOE1556446 Injector VOE22714908 Injector
ZM2900948 Injector VOE9000479443 Injector
VOE9022222025 Unit Injector VOE11700423 Injector
VOE9021371672 Unit Injector INJECTOR 420807, VOE420807
VOE9011700423 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003400, VOE5003400
VOE22052772 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013914, VOE85013914
VOE21467241 Unit Injector INJECTOR 21390068, VOE21390068
VOE21499613 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020053, VOE85020053
VOE21582094 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119244, VOE8119244
VOE21506699 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013915, VOE85013915
VOE22052765 Unit Injector INJECTOR 85019800, VOE85019800
VOE9020564930 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8192561, VOE8192561
VOE9021506699 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009034, VOE5009034
VOE8022052765 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8118561, VOE8118561
VOE9020929906 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013801, VOE85013801
VOE21371673 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009392, VOE5009392
VOE20564930 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5007837, VOE5007837
VOE21371672 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22102390, VOE22102390
VOE9020847327 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119286, VOE8119286
VOE9021499613 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112747, VOE8112747
VOE9021467241 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5007899, VOE5007899
VOE9021644598 Unit Injector INJECTOR 85019916, VOE85019916
VOE20708597 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009285, VOE5009285
VOE22339883 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009291, VOE5009291
VOE22222025 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85000057, VOE85000057
VOE21644598 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85000036, VOE85000036
VOE9022339883 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119683, VOE8119683
VOE9022340648 Injector INJECTOR 3978828, VOE3978828
VOE9020430583 Unit Injector INJECTOR RUIL 8118269, VOE8118269
VOE9022172535 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113584, VOE8113584
VOE9021371673 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119584, VOE8119584
VOE20430583 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003151, VOE5003151
VOE22172535 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112269, VOE8112269
VOE21947757 Unit Injector INJECTOR 21515465, VOE21515465
VOE20440388 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22945730, VOE22945730
VOE21644596 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112314, VOE8112314
VOE20929906 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009151, VOE5009151
VOE9020440388 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013800, VOE85013800
VOE9021644596 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003019, VOE5003019
VOE22782870 Injector INJECTOR 3978867, VOE3978867
VOE22782871 Injector INJECTOR 8119092, VOE8119092
VOE9022782870 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22301418, VOE22301418
VOE9022782871 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113224, VOE8113224
VOE20847327 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119665, VOE8119665
MI4022236 Injector INJECTOR 22282198, VOE22282198
VOE22301416 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22569106, VOE22569106
VOE9022301416 Unit Injector INJECTOR 478683, VOE478683
VOE9022340652 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22490430, VOE22490430
VOE15087473 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119663, VOE8119663
VOE22340639 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020084, VOE85020084
VOE22340648 Injector INJECTOR 3978713, VOE3978713
VOE22340653 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113893, VOE8113893
VOE22340642 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113583, VOE8113583
VOE9022340642 Unit Injector INJECTOR 468748, VOE468748
VOE22340652 Injector INJECTOR CORE 8118268, VOE8118268
VOE9022340639 Unit Injector INJECTOR 1543753, VOE1543753
VOE9020440409 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8118809, VOE8118809
VOE20440409 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8118747, VOE8118747
VOE3155040 Unit Injector INJECTOR LUCAS 1677154, VOE1677154
VOE9003155040 Unit Injector INJECTOR 5009284, VOE5009284
VOE15152446 Injector INJECTOR 21318201, VOE21318201
VOE8020543483 Injector INJECTOR 21390070, VOE21390070
VOE8021246846 Injector INJECTOR 8118290, VOE8118290
VOE8000479443 Injector INJECTOR 85026054, VOE85026054
VOE8002904138 Injector INJECTOR 8118813, VOE8118813
VOE8017324085 Injector INJECTOR 8118818, VOE8118818
VOE8000477816 Injector INJECTOR 8119554, VOE8119554
VOE8001556446 Injector INJECTOR 22282199, VOE22282199
VOE8011700423 Injector INJECTOR 85006036, VOE85006036
VOE8016677772 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112898, VOE8112898
VOE8000470933 Injector INJECTOR 3978051, VOE3978051
VOE8004881622 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020676, VOE85020676
VOE8020502189 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020300, VOE85020300
VOE8011032785 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020452, VOE85020452
VOE8000848729 Injector INJECTOR,CORE 8118556, VOE8118556
VOE8015161803 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020360, VOE85020360
VOE8011030783 Injector INJECTOR 85019801, VOE85019801
VOE8011043052 Injector INJECTOR 8192890, VOE8192890
VOE8022341622 Injector INJECTOR 85006035, VOE85006035
VOE8022553038 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112561, VOE8112561
VOE8000478605 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112268, VOE8112268
VOE8000424530 Injector INJECTOR 21658764, VOE21658764
VOE8011030650 Injector INJECTOR 5009317, VOE5009317
VOE8022336268 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020363, VOE85020363
VOE8003155040 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112813, VOE8112813
VOE8021371672 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020361, VOE85020361
VOE8021644596 Unit Injector INJECTOR 85026362, VOE85026362
VOE22717955 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22569104, VOE22569104
VOE8020440409 Unit Injector INJECTOR CORE 8118303, VOE8118303
VOE8021499613 Unit Injector INJECTOR CORE 5009400, VOE5009400
VOE8020430583 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113244, VOE8113244
VOE8020847327 Unit Injector INJECTOR 425618, VOE425618
VOE8022222025 Unit Injector INJECTOR 420805, VOE420805
VOE8022301416 Unit Injector INJECTOR 85026360, VOE85026360
VOE8021371673 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119582, VOE8119582
VOE8022340648 Injector INJECTOR 5009019, VOE5009019
VOE8000422950 Injector INJECTOR 477650, VOE477650
VOE8008194094 Injector INJECTOR 471611, VOE471611
VOE8011162407 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85000035, VOE85000035
VOE8000478606 Injector INJECTOR 8119224, VOE8119224
VOE8011997923 Injector INJECTOR 21390069, VOE21390069
VOE8020549383 Injector INJECTOR 8192932, VOE8192932
VOE8020798114 Injector INJECTOR 8119226, VOE8119226
VOE8015079978 Injector INJECTOR 85026361, VOE85026361
VOE8021773130 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013311, VOE85013311
VOE8022340642 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8118788, VOE8118788
VOE8020564930 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113891, VOE8113891
VOE8022340653 Unit Injector INJECTOR CORE 8119180, VOE8119180
VOE8000848730 Injector INJECTOR 8118746, VOE8118746
VOE8021644598 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8118557, VOE8118557
VOE8000477885 Injector INJECTOR 5009099, VOE5009099
VOE8001544090 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112809, VOE8112809
VOE8020798683 Injector INJECTOR 3978820, VOE3978820
VOE8014520576 Injector INJECTOR 21407621, VOE21407621
VOE8017263814 Injector INJECTOR 85026300, VOE85026300
VOE8004881621 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003099, VOE5003099
VOE8011030859 Injector INJECTOR 8119583, VOE8119583
VOE8011715337 Injector INJECTOR 21006085, VOE21006085
VOE8021184969 Injector INJECTOR 3978724, VOE3978724
VOE8015065852 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113554, VOE8113554
VOE8022782870 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113553, VOE8113553
VOE8022782871 Unit Injector INJECTOR 478682, VOE478682
VOE8020929906 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003026, VOE5003026
VOE8022340639 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020731, VOE85020731
VOE8022339883 Unit Injector INJECTOR 21587332, VOE21587332
VOE8021506699 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112514, VOE8112514
VOE8020440388 Unit Injector INJECTOR CORE 8118392, VOE8118392
VOE8021467241 Unit Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112787, VOE8112787
VOE8022052772 Unit Injector INJECTOR 85026084, VOE85026084
VOE8022172535 Unit Injector INJECTOR 8119696, VOE8119696
VOE8022340652 Unit Injector INJECTOR 22301426, VOE22301426
ZM2909829 Injector INJECTOR 85026363, VOE85026363
SA3028068 Cup Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112788, VOE8112788
VOE17407089 Injector INJECTOR 8192362, VOE8192362
VOE21515329 Injector Sleeve INJECTOR 21006084, VOE21006084
VOE21644763 Injector INJECTOR 21503939, VOE21503939
VOE21407772 Injector INJECTOR 848228, VOE848228
VOE15101873 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003291, VOE5003291
VOE17231457 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113226, VOE8113226
VOE15079978 Injector INJECTOR 85019755, VOE85019755
VOE9015079978 Injector INJECTOR 8119553, VOE8119553
VOE9015161803 Injector INJECTOR 5009020, VOE5009020
PJ7416573 Injector INJECTOR 425369, VOE425369
PJ7413007 Injector INJECTOR 85019689, VOE85019689
PJ131406360 Injector INJECTOR 20504870, VOE20504870
VOE15161803 Injector INJECTOR 22569105, VOE22569105
PJ7417635 Injector INJECTOR 3978049, VOE3978049
SA3802327 Injector INJECTOR 8118787, VOE8118787
SA3280048 Injector Fuel I INJECTOR 8119010, VOE8119010
VOE22800803 Injector INJECTOR 8119891, VOE8119891
VOE11715337 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003150, VOE5003150
VOE11714634 Injector UNIT INJECTOR 21340612, VOE21340612
VOE9017263814 Injector INJECTOR 8119893, VOE8119893
VOE9011715337 Injector INJECTOR 85019754, VOE85019754
VOE9021184969 Injector INJECTOR 3978053, VOE3978053
VOE15103779 Injector INJECTOR 8119177, VOE8119177
VOE15053894 Injector INJECTOR CORE 8118514, VOE8118514
VOE11714947 Injector INJECTOR 20440475, VOE20440475
VOE11714445 Injector INJECTOR 465872, VOE465872
VOE15103825 Injector INJECTOR 22569107, VOE22569107
VOE9021246846 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003317, VOE5003317
VOE9020502189 Injector INJECTOR CORE 8119837, VOE8119837
VOE9020549383 Injector INJECTOR 8118660, VOE8118660
VOE21184969 Injector INJECTOR 425693, VOE425693
VOE20502189 Injector INJECTOR   CORE 8118314, VOE8118314
VOE20549383 Injector INJECTOR 22495840, VOE22495840
VOE21246846 Injector INJECTOR 425287, VOE425287
VOE20572608 Injector INJECTOR 22945731, VOE22945731
VOE11714883 Injector INJECTOR 85026053, VOE85026053
VOE24425916 Injector INJECTOR 22301417, VOE22301417
VOE14520576 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020054, VOE85020054
VOE9014520576 Injector INJECTOR 20515412, VOE20515412
VOE9015065852 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112746, VOE8112746
PJ131406330 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003392, VOE5003392
PJ2645F008 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8112303, VOE8112303
SA3802097 Injector Nozzle INJECTOR 21785960, VOE21785960
SA3802753 Injector INJECTOR 85026731, VOE85026731
VOE9002904138 Injector INJECTOR 85019311, VOE85019311
VOE16213433 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113582, VOE8113582
VOE9011162407 Injector INJECTOR 85026452, VOE85026452
VOE11703894 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113010, VOE8113010
VOE9011997923 Injector INJECTOR 3978823, VOE3978823
VOE9011370638 Injector  Exch INJECTOR 85026676, VOE85026676
VOE17286863 Injector INJECTOR 20504841, VOE20504841
VOE20543483 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 5003034, VOE5003034
VOE11997923 Injector INJECTOR 8118898, VOE8118898
VOE9020543483 Injector INJECTOR 5009150, VOE5009150
VOE11370638 Injector INJECTOR 422954, VOE422954
VOE9011030859 Injector INJECTOR 5009026, VOE5009026
VOE9000477816 Injector INJECTOR 23046075, VOE23046075
VOE11030859 Injector INJECTOR 85019915, VOE85019915
VOE477885 Injector INJECTOR 20806011, VOE20806011
VOE9000848729 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85000870, VOE85000870
VOE11032785 Injector INJECTOR 21644761, VOE21644761
VOE477816 Injector INJECTOR LUCAS RUI 8112556, VOE8112556
VOE4881621 Injector INJECTOR 3978866, VOE3978866
VOE11030783 Injector INJECTOR 85019914, VOE85019914
VOE4881622 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85013916, VOE85013916
VOE848730 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 85020362, VOE85020362
VOE9011043052 Injector INJECTOR 3976567, VOE3976567
VOE848729 Injector INJECTOR, RUIL 8113223, VOE8113223
VOE11043052 Injector INJECTOR 21318199, VOE21318199
VOE9000848730 Injector VOE8004880892 Injector
VOE9011030783 Injector  
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