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Volvo intake manifolds

Air or fuel / air mixture enters the cylinders through the Volvo Construction intake manifold. The main purpose of the intake manifold is to ensure an even distribution of air or working mixture between the cylinders. This directly affects the efficiency of the Volvo engine. In addition, other nodes can be attached to the manifold.original and aftermarket (replacement) Volvo intake manifolds

The principle of operation of the intake manifold of the Volvo engine is quite simple: air or its mixture with fuel, getting inside through the inlet, is divided into several streams, according to the number of cylinders of the engine. Pistons, moving downwards, create a vacuum in the collector, which can reach large values. This partial vacuum is also used to neutralize crankcase gases. They pass through the engine crankcase ventilation system into the Volvo intake manifold, mix with the fuel-air mixture or air and are burned in the cylinders.

Until recently, the main material for the manufacture of the Volvo intake manifold of was aluminum, iron and cast iron. This created certain difficulties. The fact that the collector itself during the engine is very hot and heats the air, which is currently inside it. Air, in turn, expands and enters the cylinders in a smaller volume, resulting in increased fuel consumption and deteriorating the performance of the engine.

As an alternative to metal, since the late 90's, now the last century, many engines use composite materials based on plastic. Due to the low thermal conductivity, such a Volvo intake manifold does not heat up so much, as a result, the cylinders are better filled with air, and the engine power is increased per unit of fuel.

Fuel system parts Volvo, as well as many other original Volvo parts and aftermarket (replacement) Volvo parts online.

VOE11039665 Manifold VOE12723972 Manifold
VOE990472 Manifold VOE16831456 Inlet Manifold
VOE11039710 Manifold VOE15115426 Inlet Manifold
VOE11039110 Manifold VOE21300844 Inlet Manifold
VOE11039723 Manifold VOE11079794 Manifold
VOE11039667 Manifold CH96726 5 Bank Aux Manifold Mtg B
VOE11039851 Manifold VOE11079795 Manifold
VOE11039747 Manifold RM54681044 Manifold
RM20308896 Manifold VOE20563942 Inlet Manifold
RM20347647 Manifold SA3901635 Exh Manifold
VOE21724712 Manifold RM15623903 Manifold
VOE21761736 Manifold VOE20970998 Inlet Manifold
VOE4803730 Manifold SA3926103 Manifold Fuel
VOE4803738 Manifold VOE14233511 Manifold Plate
VOE3943201 Manifold CH93731 Manifold-4 Bank-Painted
VOE4803740 Manifold RM14038418 Hydraulic Manifold Lh
VOE11039709 Manifold RM13935085 Hydraulic Manifold Lh
VOE11039109 Manifold VOE21333374 Inlet Manifold
VOE3943087 Manifold VOE11431232 Manifold
VOE4803731 Manifold VOE21161014 Inlet Manifold
VOE14267351 Manifold SA3917700 Exh Manifold
VOE4803732 Manifold VOE11127967 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11039663 Manifold VOE11129421 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11039716 Manifold VOE848553 Inlet Manifold
VOE4803736 Manifold VOE3595067 Inlet Manifold
VOE3943091 Manifold CH97203 Manifold
VOE4803727 Manifold CH88044 Manifold
VOE14340330 Manifold RM13935077 Hydraulic Manifold Rh
VOE4803728 Manifold RM13948062 Hydraulic Manifold Rh
VOE4803734 Manifold RM14013759 Hydraulic Manifold Rh
VOE11039117 Manifold SA3932183 Manifold
VOE3171495 Manifold VOE8194518 Exh Manifold
VOE3943086 Manifold VOE20743490 Exhaust Manifold
VOE4803729 Manifold CH48435 Manifold
VOE4803733 Manifold VOE21528906 Exhaust Manifold
VOE14346331 Manifold CH84633 Manifold Support Wa
VOE4803739 Manifold VOE21469805 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11039664 Manifold VOE21694979 Exhaust Manifold
VOE3943089 Manifold RM43897891 Manifold
CH80719 Seal-Aux Manifold VOE20909385 Exhaust Manifold
VOE20971217 Inlet Manifold VOE11447006 Exhaust Manifold
VOE4737747 Manifold VOE17225285 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11411008 Manifold CH48555 Manifold
VOE11411009 Manifold VOE21768562 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11127611 Manifold VOE21528908 Exhaust Manifold
VOE12725310 Tube Assembly \(Manifold\) CH97204 Manifold
VOE11410421 Inlet Manifold VOE12726219 Support-Manifold Weld Ass
VOE21793115 Inlet Manifold RM58914375 Manifold
VOE20459248 Manifold CH89602 Main Manifold Support Wa
VOE11091845 Inlet Manifold VOE21517244 Exhaust Manifold
SA3922117 Pipe Manifold VOE11046148 Manifold
VOE14248555 Inlet Manifold CH93897 Manifold
RM13790944 Manifold CH97332 Manifold
VOE14248556 Inlet Manifold CH88045 Manifold
VOE11062911 Inlet Manifold PJ7415481 Manifold
SA3899910 Manifold Oil VOE20735843 Inlet Manifold
VOE4940716 Inlet Manifold VOE21833406 Inlet Manifold
VOE11191261 Inlet Manifold VOE21967885 Inlet Manifold
PJ7411310 Manifold VOE11370225 Inlet Manifold
CH93890 Electrical Inst-Manifold VOE21967224 Inlet Manifold
VOE12730991 Manifold VOE15071858 Inlet Manifold
CH81646 Plate-Manifold Base VOE21089948 Manifold
PJ7415480 Seal \(Intake Manifold\) VOE11128939 Manifold
PJ7417644 Seal \(Intake Manifold\) VOE17287254 Manifold
PJ5330062 Manifold VOE17229722 Exhaust Manifold
RM14049894 Hydraulic Manifold Rhco VOE21925474 Inlet Manifold
RM14049886 Hydraulic Manifold Lh VOE17443562 Exhaust Manifold
RM59752584 Manifold VOE21771719 Exhaust Manifold
PJ7410232 Manifold VOE22339540 Exhaust Manifold
VOE22069916 Inlet Manifold VOE12791055 Manifold
VOE20499597 Manifold VOE17417020 Manifold
VOE20580084 Manifold PJ7417518 Exhaust Manifold
VOE21810669 Manifold RM43923556 Manifold
VOE11713670 Manifold SA3902347 Exh Manifold
RM20281713 Manifold SA8210-03960 Manifold
RM54495247 Manifold VOE22338955 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11715314 Inlet Manifold VOE11423411 Manifold
PJ7410798 Exhaust Manifold VOE17205280 Exhaust Manifold
VOE21870672 Manifold SA3067406 Exh Manifold
VOE15184464 Exhaust Manifold VOE21792420 Inlet Manifold
VOE21773108 Inlet Manifold VOE21773112 Inlet Manifold
RM56290372 Manifold VOE12797895 Manifold
VOE12725290 Manifold VOE12723808 Manifold
PJ7416506 Manifold RM59540526 Manifold
RM43955459 Manifold RM43969989 Manifold
RM59298083 Manifold VOE12735329 Manifold
SA8230-10590 Manifold RM13374590 Manifold
SA8210-00680 Inlet Manifold RM43914142 Manifold
PJ7412893 Exhaust Manifold RM13791413 Manifold
RM80736002 Manifold RM58891474 Manifold
RM87900247 Manifold RM18005090 Manifold
VOE12780336 Manifold RM56290380 Manifold
PJ7417643 Manifold VOE17248723 Manifold
RM43832922 Manifold  Pipe Tread RM46681144 Manifold
VOE20405622 Inlet Manifold VOE12758785 Manifold
RM56296395 Manifold RM46665725 Manifold
RM56290364 Manifold VOE12810102 Manifold
VOE11713406 Exhaust Manifold VOE16220962 Manifold
CH89253 Outlet Section-Manifold VOE12758783 Manifold
SA8210-04550 Inlet Manifold RM59888438 Manifold
PJ135616600 Exhaust Manifold RM21441829 Manifold
CH54890 Lever-Manifold Control VOE21724360 Inlet Manifold
VOE16831790 Inlet Manifold CH96235 Manifold Mtg Brkt-3 Bank
RM59155200 Manifold RM13339155 Exhaust Manifold
PJ7415529 Exhaust Manifold CH93933 Manifold Brkt Wa
SA7359-10000 Inlet Manifold VOE20586810 Inlet Manifold
VOE14621966 Manifold VOE20586811 Inlet Manifold
CH402157 Manifold Cover-Rh SA3919677 Manifold
CH402158 Manifold Cover-Lh SA3920595 Manifold
VOE12725296 Manifold SA3909695 Tube Manifold
PJ7410236 Exhaust Manifold SA3284575 Manifold
VOE11707125 Inlet Manifold VOE21148569 Inlet Manifold
CH89107 Valve Section-Manifold RM54551395 Manifold
PJ7411314 Manifold RM54551403 Manifold
VOE17229721 Exhaust Manifold VOE11112293 Manifold
VOE22338353 Exhaust Manifold VOE11713713 Manifold
VOE15080383 Manifold SA3284343 Manifold
PJ7417519 Exhaust Manifold PJ7410799 Manifold
VOE15156032 Manifold VOE11716688 Inlet Manifold
VOE14248986 Inlet Manifold VOE17229723 Manifold
PJ7416509 Exhaust Manifold SA3284476 Manifold
SA8210-00700 Exh Manifold CH98625 Ball Switch-Manifold Floa
VOE483617 Exhaust Manifold VOE15043735 Inlet Manifold
VOE11370604 Exhaust Manifold VOE15070852 Manifold
PJ7415482 Exhaust Manifold VOE12725309 Tube Assembly-Manifold \(S
VOE11713675 Manifold RM13871363 Manifold
VOE15065807 Manifold RM54551411 Manifold
VOE8148171 Exhaust Manifold PJ7415528 Manifold
VOE11121795 Inlet Manifold CH74489 Seal Cover-Aux Manifold
VOE14521184 Inlet Manifold VOE20760110 Inlet manifold
ZM2907513 Exhaust Manifold VOE20743486 Manifold
RM58946823 Manifold VOE20743488 Manifold
VOE479341 Inlet Manifold SA3896414 Exh Manifold
VOE20533286 Exhaust Manifold VOE20559834 Manifold
VOE3155036 Exhaust Manifold VOE20451015 Manifold
VOE11998072 Exhaust Manifold VOE21718897 Inlet Manifold
VOE20735825 Inlet Manifold CH84414 Cover-Cab-No Aux Manifold
RM59172718 Manifold RM20235420 Manifold
PJ7417649 Exhaust Manifold VOE20459249 Manifold
VOE16213402 Manifold VOE20476065 Manifold
VOE20550332 Inlet Manifold VOE20450765 Manifold
VOE20850004 Inlet Manifold VOE20506110 Manifold
VOE11714780 Manifold SA3930847 Manifold
VOE11709763 Inlet Manifold VOE11193769 Inlet Manifold
SA8210-04560 Exh Manifold VOE11128005 Inlet Manifold
VOE20901584 Exhaust Manifold VOE11707956 Exhaust Manifold
VOE17229724 Manifold RM59971895 Exhaust Manifold
SA8210-01670 Exh Manifold VOE11998938 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11191260 Inlet Manifold VOE14535495 Manifold
VOE16831178 Inlet Manifold VOE11193773 Inlet Manifold
VOE4804766 Inlet Manifold VOE11129422 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11129259 Inlet Manifold VOE848548 Inlet Manifold
VOE15066011 Manifold RM19287036 Manifold
VOE11423410 Manifold VOE12760027 Manifold
VOE21839416 Inlet Manifold VOE21652139 Inlet Manifold
SA3028378 Inlet Manifold RM20170247 Manifold
SA7351-10000 Exh Manifold VOE11031640 Exhaust Manifold
VOE15057759 Manifold CH96733 Manifold
VOE11192587 Inlet Manifold VOE22728149 Inlet Manifold
VOE3161342 Inlet Manifold RM43922624 Manifold
VOE8194525 Exhaust Manifold VOE478662 Exhaust Manifold
VOE11127892 Exhaust Manifold VOE14579196 Manifold
VOE11128982 Manifold VOE20578932 Exhaust Manifold
VOE21393038 Inlet Manifold VOE3976787 Exhaust Manifold
VOE20708331 Inlet Manifold CH96251 Template-Aux Manifold
VOE21512859 Inlet Manifold MANIFOLD PJ7412892
VOE21833410 Inlet Manifold MANIFOLD PJ7418462
VOE3838248 Exhaust Manifold INLET MANIFOLD 22119309, VOE22119309
VOE11423409 Manifold EXHAUST MANIFOLD 20725952, VOE20725952
VOE848552 Inlet Manifold INLET MANIFOLD 22562276, VOE22562276
VOE22099008 Inlet Manifold INLET MANIFOLD 22056437, VOE22056437
VOE21647366 Inlet Manifold  
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