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Volvo Penta - Swedish company, part of the Volvo Group, a manufacturer of marine and industrial engines. 
Basis but :  1907
The company Volvo Penta provides engines and power systems for various purposes. The three main areas of activity the Volvo Penta's : Marine Pleasure, marine commercial and industrial engines.
Engines Volvo Penta installed on pleasure boats, sailing yachts, fishing vessels, patrol boats, tugs, skimmers and courts for other purposes.
The lineup covers a range of marine engines from 10 to 800 hp, and the emergence of a new propul-
sive system Volvo Penta IPS allows you to create multi-configuration with a total capacity equivalent to 3,600 hp for installation on the planing boats up to 100 feet.
Engines Volvo Penta also supplies electricity to bulk carriers, tankers and other vessels in the composition of diesel generator sets; actuated pumps and other auxiliary machinery on drilling platforms and special ships.
Systems for irrigation of desert lands, diesel generator power plants, loaders and tractors for use in port terminals - just a few examples of industrial engines   the Volvo Penta's , whose power range from 100 to 800 hp
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