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Caterpillar Excavator Gears

Caterpillar excavator swing gear must handle a complex load range that covers various combinations of thrust, radial and tilting loads.

Prevent failure by conducting regular inspections and maintenance of the swing gear, pinion gear and bearings.


Part No. Description Application
1141414 GEAR GP-BR 215
2291077 GEAR GP-BR 312C, 312CL
2316854 GEAR GP-BR 325B
2276081 GEAR GP-BR SWING 320D, 320C, 320CL
5C0451 GEAR G 215B
7Y0745 GEAR G 325
7Y1563 GEAR GP-BR SWING 320L, 320N
8K4127 GEAR G 225, 225D,229

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