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Caterpillar Classic Parts

Caterpillar Classic Parts

CATERPILLAR SPARE PARTS CLASSIC SERIES are best suited for EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION CATERPILLAR previous years, enabling IT operational efficiency.

Caterpillar Spare Parts Classic (Запчасти Caterpillar) can reduce repair costs for Caterpillar equipment and engines of previous years of release. This is the only low-cost spare parts covered by the standard Caterpillar warranty supported by reliable Caterpillar dealer network. Caterpillar machines are durable and cost-effective. In fact, the average term of Caterpillar machines service is nineteen years old. Caterpillar spare the Classic (запчасти Caterpillar), used alone or together with Caterpillar Reman parts series, providing another way to reduce the cost of ownership and operation of equipment without reducing the efficiency inherent Caterpillar brand.

Caterpillar Classic parts, CAT Classic parts, Caterpillar spare parts, Caterpillar spare partsCaterpillar the Classic Parts are cheap spare parts for owners of previously issued Caterpillar equipment; their quality and convenience can be trusted. Caterpillar durable and productive machines and engines. With the aging of the equipment often have to re-analyze the maintenance costs, taking into account its residual value. Spare parts Caterpillar Classic - it's cheap genuine spare parts Caterpillar (запасные части Caterpillar), which provide an acceptable service life of more Caterpillar old equipment. Not all original spare parts can be replaced Cat relevant spare parts Caterpillar Classic. The range of spare parts Classic, as a rule, includes spare parts which have a significant impact on the overall repair costs. Along with original and recycled spare parts spare parts Caterpillar Caterpillar the Classic help the company to offer low-cost alternatives repairs throughout the product lifecycle.


BenefitsCaterpillar parts, CAT Claasic parts, Caterpillar spare parts, spare parts Caterpillar Claasic

• Lower costs of ownership and operation of equipment for the previously released Caterpillar equipment

• The standard warranty on Caterpillar parts (запчасти Caterpillar)

• All the necessary spare parts in one place

• Quality control of spare parts, spare parts Caterpillar the Classic approved Caterpillar's engineers, which ensures compliance with the spare parts in form, fit and function. Quality control procedures at the place of storage of spare parts can guarantee the supply of spare parts of the highest quality.

• Supply of spare parts on behalf of the company that can be trusted, - Caterpillar

Caterpillar Classic Parts Cross-Reference
Original Caterpillar Part Number Parts Name Classic Part Number 0021212 Cup-Roller Brg 399-4446 0050469 Cup-Rlr Bearing 418-9610 0050471 Cone-Spl Tapered 415-1924 0054834 Cone-Rlr Bearing 422-6490 0058639 Bearing- Aligning 415-1925 0300060 Bearing-Cup 415-1926 0300061 Bearing- Cone 418-9605 0301957 Cone- Bearing 420-2502 0542213 Spider & Brg As. 347-0464 0546549 Pinion- Planetary 347-0478 0547091 Bearing-Rlr As. 384-5959 0551260 Housing Bk-Outer 347-0479 0551986 Seal-Lip Type 347-0465 0643274 Mount 391-9834 0860523 Pin 314-8696 0875533 Bearing- Sleeve 314-8628 0875548 Bearing- Sleeve 396-1568