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Komatsu manufactures a variety of road-building equipment (bulldozers, excavators), forklift trucks, pipelayers, mining equipment, presses and other industrial equipment, military equipment, etc. The company has 22 plants around the world.

Special equipment  Komatsu  recognized by experts around the world. Excavators, dump trucks and loaders in Japan gained fame reliability and simplicity of the equipment. At present, the Komatsu Group includes 188 companies focused on the issue of quality of components and equipment for the mining industry, construction companies and logistic centers.

Releasing excavators, loaders, dump trucks, graders, bulldozers and other types of equipment, the company  Komatsu  based on the principles of innovative technical and technological solutions. This approach can significantly reduce production costs, optimize the quality management system, as well as to market excavators, loaders and dump trucks of the highest performance and reliability at competitive prices.

A significant place in our assortment allocated spare parts and consumables for excavators, loaders and dump trucks -  chassis parts equipment, repair kits for internal combustion engines, filters, belts and other products of the highest quality.

Our company is able to offer excellent conditions of service of excavators, wheel loaders and dump trucks. Along with flexible pricing and a wide range of additional services, this fact gives us a significant competitive advantage and provides the ability to offer the most favorable conditions for the acquisition of spare parts for customers.

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On our site you can find spare parts KOMATSU  for takioy techniques as:

Construction and mining machinery

  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Pipelayers
  • Dumpers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Skid Steer
  • Graders
  • Mobile crushers
Material Handling
  • Forklift with internal combustion engines
  • Electric
  • Elektroshtabelёry Reach truck (Reach)
  • Tire manipulator


Lineup machinery  KOMATSU:

Komatsu D 155A-2E Komatsu D31E-20
Komatsu D 155A-5 Komatsu D31EX-21 Komstat
Komatsu D 155AX-3 Komatsu D31P-20
Komatsu D 155AX-3E Komatsu D31PX-21 Komstat
Komatsu D 275A-2 Komatsu D32E-1
Komatsu D 275A-5 Komatsu D32E-1 Plus
Komatsu D 375A-2 Komatsu D32P-1
Komatsu D 375A-3 Komatsu D32P-1 Plus
Komatsu D 375A-5 Komatsu D37E-5
Komatsu D 41PX Komatsu D37EX-21
Komatsu D 475A-3 Komatsu D37EX-22
Komatsu D 475A-5 Komatsu D37PX-21
Komatsu D 575A-3 Komatsu D37PX-22
Komatsu D 61E-12 Komatsu D39EX-21
Komatsu D 63E-12 Komatsu D39EX-22
Komatsu D 65E-12 Komatsu D39PX-21
Komatsu D 65E-12E Komatsu D39PX-22
Komatsu D 85A-21 Komatsu D61EX-23
Komatsu D 85A-21E Komatsu D61PX-23
Komatsu D 85E-21 Komatsu D65P-12
Komatsu D 85EX-15 Komatsu WD420-3
Komatsu D 85PX-15 Komatsu WD500-3
Komatsu D20P-7E Komatsu WD600-3
Komatsu D21A-7 Komatsu WD600-5
Komatsu D21P-7 Komatsu WD900-3



1. Backhoe

With Backhoe

PC8000-6 PC5500-6 PC4000-6 PC3000-6 PC2000-8 PC1250-7 PC750-7 PC400 / LC-7 PC300 / LC-8 PC220 / LC-8 PC200 / LC-8 PC160LC-7 PC130-7 PC55MR-3 PC35MR-3


PC8000-6 PC5500-6 PC4000-6 PC3000-6 PC2000-8 PC1250-7 PC750-7 PC400-7


PW220-7 PW200-7 PW180-7 PW160-7


2. Bulldozers



D475A-5 D375A-6 RD375A-5 D275A-5 D155A-5 D85A-21 D85ESS-2A D85EX-15R D65EX-16, D63E-12, D39EX-22, D37EX-22

Bolotohodnye bulldozers

D65PX-16, D39PX-22, D37PX-22

Bulldozer on wheels

WD900-3 WD600-3 WD500-3


3. Pipelayers


D355C-D155C-3 1 D85C-21


4. Dump


4 930E-830E-AC 730E-7 HD1500-7 HD785-7 HD465-7R HD405-6 HD325-6

With articulated

HM400-1 HM350-1 HM300-1


5. Wheel loaders


WA1200-6 WA900-3 WA800-3 WA700-3 WA600-3 WA500-3 WA470-3 WA420-3 WA380-3 WA320-3 WA250-3 WA200-5 WA180-3 WA150-5

6. Backhoe


WB97S-5 WB93R-5 WB93S-5

7. Skid Steer


SK820-5 SK714-5

8. Graders


GD825A-2 GD705A-4 GD521A-1

9. Mobile Crusher

Mobile crushers


List of spare parts Komatsu presented in the following files:     List 1      List 2      List 3      List 4      List 5     List 6

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