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Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt Pavers
Asphalt paver is a complex linear road-building machine. Asphalt pavers are designed for laying layers of asphalt concrete covering, including distribution and preliminary compaction of asphalt-concrete mixture on the underlying layer of pavement. Usually works in tandem with a truck supplying a mixture for it.
Automatic leveling for pavers
Asphalt paver with automatic leveling
The design of all modern asphalt pavers provides the ability to automatically control the processes of feeding, distributing and laying pavement material. Qualitative construction of the coating can not be done without using a leveling automatizer for controlling the working body, except for small areas with small areas. When constructing non-complex objects, the stacker is installed, at a minimum, with sensors for controlling the supply of material to the distribution auger, a slope sensor that controls the slope of the slab to the horizon, one or two height sensors that control the thickness of the layer to be laid. On responsible sites, especially on the laying of a wide strip of pavement, with the slab extended, more sophisticated leveling automation systems are used. ACS for asphalt pavers and other SDM by the method of transmission and processing of the control signal are divided into digital and analog. Digital devices are created taking into account the maximum use of the latest advances in computer technology. Automation systems for leveling, completed on their basis, are universal, multifunctional, provide the possibility of using different combinations of sensors, for example, an ultrasonic contactless height sensor and a sensor-receiver of laser planes can enter into one set of automated control systems.
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