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Caterpillar engine repair kits

original and aftermarket Caterpillar engine repair kitsThe Caterpillar engine repair kit is a set of seals necessary to repair the engine.

The repair kit includes the following elements:
1. Cylinder head gasket.
2. Valve cover gasket.
3. Rings of wells of glow plugs.
4. Valve nuts for securing the valve cover.
5. Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets.
6. Throttle valve installation gasket.
7. A lining of the valve of idling.
8. Nozzle gaskets.
9. Oil-removing rings.
10. Seals: a camshaft, a cranked shaft (forward and back), the oil pump.
11. Oil pump Gaskets.
12. Turbocharger gasket.
13. Oil sump gasket.

It should also be understood that for Caterpillar equipment it is justified to use both original Caterpillar engine repair kits and aftermarket (replacement or duplicate) Caterpillar engine repair kits.

The repair kits do not include piston rings and liners. These Caterpillar parts are purchased separately.

You can buy engine repair kits for Caterpillar Heavy Equipment online in our online original and aftermarket Caterpillar parts store.

A small list of engines kits for Caterpillar engines you will find online at our CAT parts store

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10R9351 - ENGINE KIT 10R9557 - ENGINE KIT
10R9343 - ENGINE KIT 10R9562 - ENGINE KIT


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