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Caterpillar power transmission

Caterpillar power transmission

If you are looking for original or aftermarket Caterpillar power transmission system parts, in our online Caterpillar parts store that you can buy online parts for such components, namely Caterpillar power transition system as:

- Gearbox

- Hydrostatic drive

Order or buy online Caterpillar spare part for in our parts store.

Caterpillar Swing Motors
Rotation of the working equipment of equipment to the place of unloading the bucket and a reverse rotation to the place of dripping are carried out by turning the turntable or the whole platform (for full-cycle Caterpillar excavators). The rotation takes approximately 60-70% of the working cycle time and significantly affects its overall duration. The hydrostatic Caterpillar Swing Motor just performs the function of turning in the horizontal plane of the working equipment relative to the running gear of the Caterpillar equipment. The Swing Caterpillar Motor consists of a sturdy steel casing, in which several pairs of Novikov gearing gears are compactly arranged, allowing the transfer of loads significantly exceeding the permissible values ​​for involuntary engagement. On the low-speed shaft, on the splines, the output gear is attached, which is included in the open gearing with a gear ring of the turntable of the Caterpillar Heavy Equipment. A large cogwheel is mounted on the  
Caterpillar Final Drives
The Caterpillar Final Drive is a design made up of gears and other operating elements that are driven by a gear train. The simplest Caterpillar Final Drive consists of a carrier. It is designed to fix the satellites relative to each other so that they move together. For proper operation of the Caterpillar Final Drive, it is necessary that one of the constituent parts of it is rigidly fixed to the casing. In the Caterpillar Final Drive, which is equipped with a carrier, the static part is exactly it. In addition, the crown or solar gear may be rigidly fixed. In the event that none of the parts of this unit is fixed, it is possible to separate one movement into several, or merge the two into one. Due to this design, the drive and driven shafts of the Caterpillar moving in one direction. Serves the Caterpillar Final Drive to ensure a lower gear and at the same time increase the torque. To ensure the operation of this mechanism, the rotating shaft of the Caterpillar joins its d 
Final Drive and Drive gp-swing for Caterpillar
We have prepared a short list of Caterpillar parts for you. Here you can find the FINAL DRIVE AND DRIVE GP-SWING CAT. List compiled by model of equipment. This will give you the ability to find quickly the Caterpillar parts that you need. FINAL DRIVE AND DRIVE GP-SWING for Caterpillar           Caterpillar Crawler Excavator 315     Serial number FINAL DRIVE DRIVE GP-SWING 4YM ….. 1026500 1026439 Caterpillar (CAT) 3ZM ….. 1026500 1026439 Caterpillar (CAT)       Caterpillar Crawler Excavator 315B     Serial number FINAL DRIVE DRIVE GP-SWING 1SW ….. 1362798, 1484570, 1362850 1026439 Caterpillar (CAT) 5SW ….. 1550157 1026439 Caterpillar (CAT)