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JCB Construction Radiators

The cooling system plays a very important role, since it prevents the engine from overheating. The most important element of the cooling system is the JCB Construction radiator, which provides effective cooling of the liquid.original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction Radiators

The cooling system performs the following functions:

- heat the air in the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system;

- cool the oil in the lubrication system;

- cool the exhaust gases in the exhaust gas recirculation system;

- cool the air in the turbo system.

Most of the modern technology is equipped with a water cooling system, among which the advantages are an effective uniform cooling. In addition, the water cooling system has a low noise level.

Cooling system design:

- JCB Construction radiator;

- Heater heat exchanger;

- Oil radiator;

- Expansion tank;

- Thermostat;

- JCB Construction water pump;

- JCB Construction radiator fan;

- Branch pipes;

- Controls.

The principle of the cooling system is as follows. Thanks to the liquid pump, the coolant is in constant motion, circling around, washing the hot walls of the cylinder head and the cylinder. Thus, it is possible to avoid overheating of the engine, since heat is transferred from the heated parts. Further, the hot liquid is sent to the cooling radiator, which provides heat removal to the environment. This ends the cycle, and the cooled liquid goes through a new cycle.

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