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JCB Construction engine piston rings

JCB Construction piston rings form a tight connection of the piston with the walls of the cylinder. They are made of modified cast iron. Piston rings are the main source of friction in the internal combustion engine. The frictional losses in the rings reach up to 25% of all mechanical losses in the engine.

JCB Construction piston ringsThe number and location of the rings depends on the type and purpose of the engine. The most common scheme - two compression and one oil ring. JCB Construction compression rings prevent the breakdown of gases from the combustion chamber into the crankcase of the engine. The first compression ring works in the most difficult conditions. Therefore, on the pistons of diesel in the ring groove a steel insert is installed, which increases the strength and allows to realize the maximum compression ratio. JCB Construction compression rings can have a trapezoidal, barrel-shaped, conical shape, some performed with a cutout. 

JCB Construction oil removal ring removes excess oil from the cylinder surface and prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber. The ring has a lot of drainage holes. Some ring designs have a spring expander. 

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