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JCB Construction engine pistons

JCB Construction piston is the most characteristic part of the internal combustion engine, since it is with its help that the thermodynamic process of the engine is realized.JCB Construction engine pistons

The conditions in which the piston works are extreme and characterized by high pressure, temperature and inertial loads. Therefore, the pistons on modern engines are made of light, durable and heat-resistant material - aluminum alloy, less often of steel. JCB Construction pistons are manufactured in two ways - injection molding or stamping, there are also forged pistons, but this method of production is used very rarely these days.

The JCB Construction piston is a one-piece unit that is conditionally divided into a head (in some sources it is called the bottom) and a skirt. The shape and design of the piston is largely determined by the type of engine, the shape of the combustion chamber and the combustion process flowing in it. In the head of the piston of a diesel engine, a combustion chamber of a certain shape is provided which provides good turbulence and improves the formation of the mixture.

Below the JCB Construction piston head grooves are used to install the piston rings.

The connection of the piston with the connecting rod is carried out by means of a piston pin, which has a tubular shape and is made of steel. There are several ways to install the piston pin. The most popular is the floating finger, which has the ability to turn in the bosses and the piston head of the connecting rod during operation. To prevent displacement of the finger, it is fixed by locking rings. It is much less common to rigidly fix the ends of a finger in the piston or rigidly fasten the pin in the piston head of the connecting rod.

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