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JCB Construction fuel pumps

In direct injection engines as well as diesel engines, the JCB Construction electric fuel pump is used in the low pressure circuit for pre-supplying fuel to the high-pressure pump - JCB Construction injection pump. The electric JCB Construction fuel pump creates a fuel pressure in the limit of 0.3-0.4 MPa (in engines with direct injection - up to 0.7 MPa). The use of mechanical pumps in JCB Construction fuel injection systems is not possible due to low fuel delivery pressure.Original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction fuel pumps online.

By design, the following types of electric fuel pumps are distinguished: roller, gear and centrifugal.

In the JCB Construction roller pump, the fuel is sucked and injected by rotating the rotor and moving the rollers therein. As the space between the roller and the rotor increases, a vacuum is created, and the fuel fills this space. When the space is full, the fuel supply is cut off. As the rotor rotates, space decreases, the discharge port opens and the fuel leaves the pump under pressure.

Similarly, the JCB Construction gear pump works where the fuel is sucked and injected by the movement of the inner gear (rotor) relative to the eccentrically located outer gear (stator). The lateral sides of the rotor tooth, during rotation, form in their gaps the changing chambers, with which the fuel is sucked in and injected.

Due to the design features, the JCB Construction roller and gear pumps are installed in the fuel line. In modern injection systems, preference is given to centrifugal or vane JCB Construction pumps, which provide a uniform (without pulsations) fuel supply and produce little noise. At the same time, JCB Construction centrifugal pumps have limitations on the created pressure and productivity.

Centrifugal JCB Construction fuel pump. The impeller rotates inside the chamber, in which there are two channels of a certain shape - suction and discharge. Fluctuations in the fuel resulting from the action of the blades on it provide an increase in pressure.

Original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction fuel pumps online.

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