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JCB Construction injection pumps

JCB Construction injection pump is one of the main components of the diesel engine injection system. original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction injection pumpsThe JCB Construction pump, as a rule, performs two main functions: injecting a certain amount of fuel under pressure and regulation of the required timing of the injection. With the advent of battery injection systems, the injection timing control function is placed on electronically controlled JCB Construction injectors.

The basis of the JCB Construction injection fuel pump is a plunger pair that combines a piston (plunger) and a cylinder (bushing) of a small size. JCB Construction plunger pair is made of high-quality steel with high precision. Between the plunger and the bushing, a minimum gap is provided - precision mating.

Depending on the design, the following types of high-pressure JCB Construction fuel pumps (JCB Construction injection pump) are distinguished: in-line, distribution and main. In a series pump, injection of fuel into the cylinder is performed by a separate plunger pair. The distribution pump has one or more plungers, which ensure the injection and distribution of fuel across all cylinders. The main pumps perform only the injection of fuel into the accumulator.

Original and aftermarket (replacement) JCB Construction fuel injection pumps online.

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