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JCB Lubrication System

JCB Lubrication System

JCB lubrication system is designed to reduce friction between the mating parts of the JCB engine. In addition to performing the main function, the lubrication system provides cooling of engine parts, removal of coke and wear products, and protection of parts of the JCB engine against corrosion. 

JCB lubrication system partsThe engine lubrication system includes a crankcase with an oil sump, an oil pump, an oil filter, an oil cooler, which are interconnected by lines and ducts. 

The engine oil sump is designed for storing oil. The oil level in the pallet is monitored with a feeler gauge, as well as with the oil level and temperature sensor. 

JCB Oil Pump is designed to pump oil into the system. The oil pump can be driven from the engine crankshaft, camshaft or additional drive shaft. The greatest application on engines was found JCB gear oil pumps. 

The JCB oil filter serves to clean oil from wear and sludge products. The oil is cleaned with a JCB filter element, which is replaced with an oil change. 

The JCB oil cooler is used to cool the engine oil. Cooling of the oil in the radiator is carried out by the flow of liquid from the cooling system.

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JCB Construction oil pumps
The JCB Construction oil pump is designed to create pressure in the lubrication system, and thus lubricate the moving parts of the internal combustion engine. The JCB Construction oil pump is driven by a JCB Construction crankshaft or JCB Construction camshaft by means of a drive shaft. By the nature of the control oil pumps are divided into uncontrolled and adjustable. Unregulated pumps maintain a constant pressure in the lubrication system by means of a pressure reducing valve. In controlled pumps, the constant pressure is maintained by changing the pump capacity. Depending on the design, oil pumps are distinguished for gear and rotary pumps. JCB Construction gear oil pump is a two-pinion gear - the driving and slave, housed in the body. Oil enters the pump through the suction channel, is captured by gears and injected into the system through the discharge channel. The output of the gear pump is proportional to the speed of the crankshaft. When the discharge oil pressure exc 
JCB Construction oil filters
The JCB Construction oil filter is a very important link in the JCB Construction lubrication system. During the operation of the engine, the oil flushes away the carbon deposits and engine wear products. The absence of a JCB Construction oil filter or its clogging will result in all these solid particles again falling between the parts of the engine, speeding up their wear and tear. Approaching thereby costly repairs. The replacement of the JCB Construction oil filter is made together with the replacement of oil. Design of JCB Construction oil filter 1 - oil inlets. 2 - outlet. 3 - the case of the oil filter. 4 - filter element. 5 - a spring. 6 - bypass valve. 7 - non-return valve. 8 - O-ring. Original and aftermarket JCB Construction oil filters online.