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JCB Construction oil filters

The JCB Construction oil filter is a very important link in the JCB Construction lubrication system. During the operation of the engine, the oil flushes away the carbon deposits and engine wear products. The absence of a JCB Construction oil filter or its clogging will result in all these solid particles again falling between the parts of the engine, speeding up their wear and tear. Approaching thereby costly repairs.

The replacement of the JCB Construction oil filter is made together with the replacement of oil.

Design of JCB Construction oil filter

JCB Construction oil filters

1 - oil inlets.

2 - outlet.

3 - the case of the oil filter.

4 - filter element.

5 - a spring.

6 - bypass valve.

7 - non-return valve.

8 - O-ring.

Original and aftermarket JCB Construction oil filters online.

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