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Komatsu Generators

To convert various types of energy into electrical, special devices are used. One of the simplest mechanisms is the DC Komatsu generator.

The DC Komatsu generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy for further use in an external circuit. The source of mechanical energy in this case can serve as any mechanical effort: the rotation of a special handle, the Komatsu engine and so on.

There are such types of DC Komatsu generators: self-excitation inclusion and working on the principle of independent inclusion. The methods of excitation depend on the type of power supply of the device. The self-excited Komatsu generator works from external sources, it can be a rechargeable battery.

Unlike Komatsu alternators (or AC Komatsu generators), devices with a constant type of electricity need an uninterruptible power supply that constantly directs the DC current to the armature winding. Because of this, the field of application of such devices is quite narrowly specialized, at the moment they are used very little.

Komatsu generators are used for the operation of electric vehicles, forklifts, motorcycles and so on.

Advantages of the Komatsu generator:

- Unlike a Komatsu alternator, it does not lose energy on hysteresis, as well as on eddy currents;

- Can work in extreme conditions;

- Has a relatively less weight and size;

Such a device has its drawbacks. The main thing is the need for an external power source. However, sometimes this feature is used as a regulator of an electrical machine.

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