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Volvo camshafts

Volvo camshaft in the gas distribution system provides the main function - the timely opening and closing of the valves, thereby bringing in fresh air and exhaust gases. In general, the camshaft controls the gas exchange process in the engine.

Volvo camshaftTo reduce inertia loads, increase the stiffness of the elements of the gas distributing mechanism, the camshaft must be located as close to the valves as possible. Therefore, the standard position of the camshaft on a modern engine in the cylinder head.

The basis of the design of the camshaft are cams. For each valve, as a rule, one cam is used. The cam has a complex shape that allows the valve to open and close at the set time, and raise it to a certain height. Depending on the design of the gas distribution mechanism, the cam interacts with either the pusher or the rocker.

From the longitudinal movement of the camshaft, the thrust bearings, located near the drive gear (sprocket), are held.The camshaft is lubricated under pressure. Individual oil supply to each bearing is preferred. The effectiveness of the gas distribution mechanism with the use of various systems of variable valve timing significantly improves, which allows achieving increased power, fuel efficiency, and reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases. There are several approaches to changing the phases of gas distribution:

Turn the camshaft in various modes of operation;

Use multiple cams with different profiles per valve;

Change the position of the axis of the rocker arm.

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A small list of camshafts for Volvo engines you will find online at our Volvo parts store

VOE11996308 Camshaft VOE20795775 Camshaft VOE21352838 Camshaft VOE15161493 Camshaft
SA8210-08110 Camshaft VOE21012455 Camshaft VOE21019449 Camshaft VOE17210177 Camshaft
SA8210-04580 Gear Camshaft VOE22430559 Camshaft VOE21364463 Camshaft VOE21785022 Camshaft
VOE11716018 Camshaft VOE21189194 Camshaft VOE22216563 Camshaft VOE11714597 Camshaft
VOE11713411 Camshaft VOE21349089 Camshaft VOE20916703 Camshaft VOE17293707 Camshaft
VOE11713679 Camshaft VOE21277069 Camshaft VOE1543704 Camshaft PJ7417605 Camshaft
VOE11701554 Camshaft VOE21198713 Camshaft VOE21753855 Camshaft PJ120026320 Camshaft
VOE11715771 Camshaft VOE21219818 Camshaft VOE22447299 Camshaft PJ7417598 Camshaft
VOE11370186 Camshaft VOE21154172 Camshaft VOE21264838 Camshaft SA3087856 Camshaft
ZM2905357 Camshaft VOE22216502 Camshaft VOE20550358 Camshaft SA3895662 Camshaft
VOE11714784 Camshaft VOE21188447 Camshaft VOE20412338 Camshaft VOE22819697 Camshaft
VOE14521560 Camshaft VOE20950809 Camshaft VOE22380260 Camshaft VOE22060822 Camshaft
SA3929886 Camshaft VOE20451775 Camshaft VOE21271243 Camshaft VOE17228969 Camshaft
SA3929042 Camshaft VOE20950804 Camshaft VOE20893983 Camshaft VOE11714333 Camshaft
VOE465787 Camshaft VOE15082307 Camshaft SA3803902 Camshaft VOE21271240 Camshaft
VOE21364468 Camshaft VOE3165224 Camshaft VOE22216525 Camshaft VOE15053308 Camshaft
VOE21618146 Camshaft VOE20576909 Camshaft VOE20838124 Camshaft VOE16679814 Camshaft
VOE20882203 Camshaft VOE3165423 Camshaft VOE21352819 Camshaft SA3902332 Key Camshaft
SA3924471 Camshaft SA3929885 Camshaft VOE20973962 Camshaft SA8230-19470 Camshaft
VOE22233562 Camshaft VOE21271245 Camshaft SA3895809 Camshaft VOE11714644 Camshaft
VOE477459 Camshaft SA3895805 Camshaft VOE21426367 Camshaft VOE17264438 Camshaft
VOE8194480 Camshaft VOE11370640 Camshaft VOE22216558 Camshaft VOE11703886 Camshaft
VOE8193727 Camshaft VOE20904359 Camshaft VOE20708824 Camshaft SA3929039 Camshaft
VOE8192784 Camshaft VOE11714836 Camshaft VOE21597192 Camshaft SA8210-00720 Camshaft


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