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Alternators for Caterpillar

See a list of Alternators for Caterpillar. Also, please note their characteristics and applicability of the models and types of Caterpillar engines.Caterpillar Alternators



Part No. Description Engine Model Machine
6N9294 24V 35A C7, 3406C, 627F, 3508B, 3306 140k, 627F, 12H, Industrial, Gas, Petroleum
1125041 24V 50A 3406 / C, 3408 / E, 3412, 3116 16H, 627F, 16G, 637E, 120H, 826C
1005047 24V 50A 3406 / C, 3408 / E, 3306, 3116 16h, 627F, 631E, 769C, 12H, 120H, 583R
1693345 24V 60A 3406C, C15, C7, C13, 3412E 16H, TH35-C15I, 771D, 627F, C280-16
2721889 24V 150A C13, C6.6, C32, C9.3, C7.1, C15 16M, 930K, D11T, 797F, 725C, 938K, D8T
2035492 12V 110A 3044C, C3.4, 3046, 3034, 277C, 259B3, 246C, 939C, D5C, 236, 246
2128622 24V 50A 3064, 3066 311C U, 320C / L
5I7615 N / A 3066 320 L 320
2128561 24V 54A C6.4, 3066 323D, 320D
3E7577 24V 75A 3512C, 3408E, 3456, 3306, 3508B, 3406 385B, D8R, 627F, 12H, 797B, 797, 16H
3832556 12V 100A C6.6, C4.4, 3054C 416E, 414E, 422E, Industrial
1052813 12V 90A 3054 / B / C 426C, 428C, 436C, 424D, 416D
1171379 12V 130A C7, C9, C12, C16, 3126B 460, 85C, 470 R, 480 R, 75C, TH31-C91
3062174 24V 150A C13, C7, C15, 3512B, C27, 3516C 587T, 583T, D6R, D8T, D7R
1855294 24V 65A 3406E, C7, C13, C9, C15, 3126B 740, D8R, 336D2, 340D2, M325D
2008281 24V 75A 3406E, 3408 / E, C15, 3456, 3126B, C9 740, D9N, 623G, 621G, D8L, 651B, 657B
2002232 24V 75A C15, 3406E, C18, 3408E, 3176C, 3196 740B, 657G, 631E, 623G, 633E, 160H
2267683 24V 95A C32, C18, C27, C7.1, C15, C9.3, C6.6 777F, D11T, 772G, 390F, 563C, 775F, D6T
1978820 24V 95A 3516, C7, C15, 3516B, 3512, 3508B 789C, 793C, D8T, 140K, D9T, 784C
3167251 24V 105A 3516, 3406C, C7, C18, 3412E, 3512B, C15 793C, 789C, 16H, 793B, 5110B, 785B, 777C
7N6118 12V 40A 3204 931, D3 / LPG, 910
1052811 12V 55A 3046 939 / C, D4C / LGP, D5C, 933
2357133 24V 80A C13, C9.3, C11, C7.1, C15, C6.6 972H, 366F, 14M, 329E, 352F-VG, 623G
6T1195 12V 61A 4.236 CS323, CP-323
3469827 24V 75A C4.4 CS54B, CP54B, 420E, CS44, CP44
3469826 24V 55A C2.2, 3056E, 3024C CS-563E, Industrial
9G6079 12V 61A 3208, 3204 D3B, Industrial, Truck
2Y8310 28V 21A 3304, 3306 / B, 3408B D4E, D5E, 966C, 930T, 140B, 930R
1077977 24V 70A 3116, 3306, 3196, 3176, 3406C D6M / LGP, DR7, 365B, 572R, 966G
2047449 24V 100A 3408C, 3456, C9, 3176C D9R, 836G, D6R, D8R, D7R
5I5178 24V 50A S6KT EL200B
6T1395 24V 35A C15, 3406C, 3408C, G3306B Gas, Industrial, Petroleum, Marine
3E7892 12V 85A 3408C, C27, 3412E, C32, C9, HT400, CX31-C9I, TH48-E70-C27I
3491369 12V 85A 3024C Industrial
3397767 12V C6.6, C4.4, C3.3, 3054C, 3056 Industrial
3315717 24V 105A 3516C, 3508 / B, 3512B, C7, C13 Industrial, Marine
1259597 12V 145A C7, C13, C9, 3196, 3176, 3126B Industrial, Petroleum, 95E, 75D
5N5692 24V 45A 3512C, 3406E, C15, C18, C7 Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
7N4784 12V 40A 3204 IT12, 935C, 931C, D3C, 931B, 910, D4C, D3C
8N2268 12V 75A 3204 IT12, 935C, D3C, 931C, 910, D4C, D5C, 931B
9W3043 24V 52A 3054, 3116, 3126, 3208, 3056E M318, CS-563E, 938G, IT28G, IT38G, 322C / LN,
1092362 24V 55A 3056 / E, 3054 / T M322C, M315, 312, 317 / N, M318C
2667226 24V 75A 3516B, C18, C7, C32, C9 Marine, Industrial
6T1396 12V 51A C15, 3406E, G3304, 3306, 3208 Marine, Industrial, Gas
2667227 24V 60A C15, 3508, 3406C / E, C7, C13, 3456 Marine, Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
2667224 12V 110A C7, C15, C9, 3406C, 3126B, C18 Marine, Petroleum, Industrial
1492061 12V 65A 4.236 N / A
969299 24V 30A N / A E200B
7G7889 12V 60A 3406C, C13, C7, 3412, C9, C18 Petroleum, Industrial, Generator Set
1008223 12V 55A 3054, 3056 TH62, TH103, TH63, Industrial
3469824 12V 100A C6.6, C4.4, C3.4 TL1255C, TL943C, TL1055C
1214134 12V 115A 3176B, 3406C, C15, 3456, C13 Truck, Industrial, Petroleum

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