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Hydraulic Pumps for Caterpillar

Below is a list of non-original hydraulic pumps for Caterpillar, that we can offer you.

hydraulic pumps Caterpillar

Gear pumps for Caterpillar
Part No. Machine Part No. Machine
8J2059 225 1375169 777B, 777D
8J8813 910 6E2046 777C
3G5863 988 2116626 785C HAA
3G1686 235B 9J8769 824b, 834, 988, 988A
2387642 267B, 277B, 287B 1363965 854G
1262016 322C 2279383 854G
1038264 325, 325L 8J4515 931C, 931C LGP
1336912 345B 1396084 938G
2P9313 621G 4T5614 963 LGP
9T1619 631D, 657B, 637D 3G9891 966D, 966F
9T7465 637D, 834B, 988B 9J5763 980C
9T7414 637G 3G2858 980C, 980F
9T9909 769C, 768C, 771C 8E7538 980F
9J1295 769C, 771C 2356501 980G, 980H
6T4257 769D, 771C, 771D 6E4182 988B
6T3935 771C, 773B / D 3G6856 988F
3G5868 773B, 775B 9T7468 992D
2307132 776D, 777D 2550625 CS-533E, CP-533E
3T8098 776D, 777D 1T1810 D20D, D250D
2305571 777A 8J8809 D3C LGP
7J8199 IT28B, 966C 9T9839 D9N
1336911 M325B 9T8919 IT14B
3T7897 D4H, D4H LGP 1371296 D5G, D5G LGP
3G4661 D5B 3G4768 D6C, D6D
1U1625 D6H 9T6813 D7R TRACK-TYPE
7J4882 D7F 7S7400 D8H
3T8359 D8N    


Piston pumps for Caterpillar


Part No. Model Part No. Model
4T7426 225 1863732 972G
9T6857 416, 428 1963807 980G
6E0838 426 2093258 980G
2402647 725, 730 2352716 980G. 980H
2244432 735, 740 1599458 CS-663E, CP-663E
1U3840 992C, 992D, 994 1400295 D250E
3G2848 994 9T4104 D4H
8J6730 120G, 130G, 140G 6E4934 D5H
6E1412 120G 6E5052 D5H
6E5072 12G, 140G, 130G, 160G 6E5965 D5M XL, D5M LGP
6E3136 135H, 140H, 160H 1576081 D5N XL, LGP
1600196 140G, 130G, 160G, 120G 9T3680 D6H, D6H LGP
1243027 140G, 130G, 160G, 12G 9T7099 D6H, D6H LGP
6E3139 14H, 16H 9T9912 D6H, D6H LGP
1694882 140H, 160H 1078136 D6M, D6M LGP
6E3137 140H, 160H 1569084 D6N XL, FTC, LGP
4T2767 16G 1712092 D6R
4T7025 215B 9T8647 D7H, D8N
1177760 416, 426 9T8346 D8R
1555110 416C, 426C, 438C 1041752 D9R
1809588 416D 9T3680 D6H, D6H LGP
2246369 420D, 430D, 432D 9T9912 D6H, D6H LGP
1003259 426B 1078136 D6M, D6M LGP
1555109 416C, 426C, 428C 1569084 D6N XL, FTC, LGP
1616634 426C, 428C, 436C 1712092 D6R
2191964 769D, 771D, 773D 9T8647 D7H, D8N
2615630 777F 9T8346 D8R
1902279 784C, 785B 785 1041752 D9R
2321835 784C, 785C 1687873 924G, 924H
6E5650 787B, 789B 2419299 950H, 962H
1053635 825G, 980G 1620770 966G, 972G
1527767 834G 1689027 924G, 924Gz
2283636 834H, 836H    


Vane Pumps for Caterpillar


Part No. Machine Part No. Machine
3G7634 518, 518C 3G7641 983B
3G7636 518, 518C 9T1080 D10N
3G7635 528, 528B 5U0557 D25C
9J5136 621 7J0587 D4D, D4P
9J5059 772, 773A 9J5082 D4E
6E2931 916 7J2194 D5
9J5053 920 9J8198 D5
9J5055 930 9J8190 D6C
9J5070 950 9J5058 D7G, D8K, D7F, D9H
9J8184 950 9J5050 D8K, 77V, D7G, D9H
6E2928 953 3G5810 D9H
6J6320 12F MTR GRADER 9J8277 D9N
1052155 446B 3G3895 G936
1U2824 613C 1070035 PATROL 13K
9J5075 621B 1214512 R1600 / G / H / 970F
3G4602 824C 6E6666 966E, 966F
6E6476 918F 3G7637 977L
6E2927 926E 9J5064 980B
1287228 928F 9J5065 980B
1003414 928F, 938G 1392383 980G
4T0508 930T 1439722 980G
3G4097 936 936F 936E G936 6E2929 963 LGP
6E6659 950B, 950E, 950F, 960F 9J8183 966B
1212501 950F 9J5049 966C
1435438 950G 1214313 966E, 966F
9J5080 951C 1214019 960F

Запасные части Caterpillar

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