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Spare parts for Komatsu construction equipment: Quality without Compromise

For many years, the company Komatsu has worked on its reputation. As a result, this equipment manufacturer globally recognized as one of the most hardy and reliable. Those who run these machines, know that they will not fail in a difficult situation. That is why the company's offices successfully operate in many countries. But no matter what quality it was not technique, over time it may need repair.

The main rule

Komatsu spare parts, spare parts of Komatsu, Komatsu spare parts, Komatsu partsFind Komatsu parts today is easy, but to choose the original and durable parts does not always work. On the Internet you can find lots of shops that offer items of poor quality, often posing for sale of low-grade counterfeit unprecedented discounts from the manufacturer. Remember that those who are working with the manufacturer, of course, may be the best prices, but less than half the cost of the parts sold just can not.

It is best to choose reliable suppliers, who, as a minimum, have an office and representative offices in the regions.

Everything that's needed

Komatsu spare parts, which meet all the requirements of the Japanese manufacturer, offered by our company. All ones have certificates confirming that the components are made ​​in compliance with the technology and are fully compatible with the technology.

We can find a wide range of spare parts for this special equipment, but the following items are the most popular:

· Assemblies, units: engines, fuel pumps, gear boxes, etc .;

· Hydraulic equipment: hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, control valves, repair kits, etc .;

· Filters: hydraulic, air, anti-corrosion, oil, transmission, fuel, etc.

· Repair kits for the engine: generators, pistons, fans, crankshafts, cylinder blocks, pistons, fuel injectors, and more;

· Attachments, repair kits: crowns, buckets, teeth for buckets, Pin and Bushings, dumps knives, etc .;

· Chassis: wheels (leading, directing), crawler belts, fasteners, track rollers, track shoes.

International recognition

In 2014. the company received another recognition. She came in one hundred companies in the world that are most actively innovate. This ranking Komatsu has been presented for the first time. It is well deserved, as the experts are constantly working on the introduction of new developments. But it is important, in this concern believe that the innovation can be implemented only when it will significantly increase the productivity and simplify the use of technology.

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