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Compactor is a machine designed for layer-by-layer compaction of disconnected and loosely bound soils and bases in the construction of embankments, dams, road bases and other earthworks on the construction of highways, airfields, and hydraulic structures.
Hydromotor on the axis of the roller
The working body of the roller is a wheel and / or a roll-cylinder, located instead of a wheel or wheels. The mass is compressed by the compactor.
The roller has a leading roll, a torque from the engine is fed to it, and the slave - as a rule it is a guide. Drive of the leading rollers - most of the rollers are mechanical, but on modern machines it is hydraulic, this is due to the increased reliability of the hydraulics, the convenience of controlling the machine, which provides hydrotransmission, and the compactness of the hydraulic drive, but mainly because practically all modern rollers are vibrating, with a hydraulic drive of the vibrator , and the hydraulic steering system is also used in the steering system, so when using a hydraulic drive and on wheels, the design is optimized.
Types of rollers
According to the mode of transportation, the rollers are divided into trailer and self-propelled.
Trailed rollers for traveling use the power of a tractor (man, horse, tractor, or other vehicle).
- Self-propelled rollers are equipped with their own engine, which drives the wheels or rollers into motion.
- In terms of the number of axles, the rollers are divided into one, two and three axles.
By the number of rolls per one-two- and three-pronged.
By the form of action on the material to be compacted, the rollers are divided into static and vibratory.
- Static compactors compact the material, squeezing it with its own weight. This type of rink was once the most common, but at the present time has become rare, being replaced by more compact and lightweight vibrating rollers. At the same time, the need for static rollers remains, since they can be used for compaction wherever vibration is not acceptable, for example, for sealing on trestles and bridges. Also, static rollers after themselves leave a more "smooth" surface, and therefore they are used to compact critical surfaces.
- Vibratory rollers are equipped with a special device - a vibrator, which is a rotating load with a center of mass displaced relative to the axis of rotation, which creates a powerful vibration. Due to vibration at a significantly lower mass, in comparison with a static roller, the vibrating roller has a large sealing effect. However, the vibrating roller does not make it possible to create a perfectly flat surface, leaving a "wave" behind the sealable material, and its dynamic loads can damage the basis of the sealing surface.

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