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Dump trucks

Dump trucks
A dump truck is a cargo self-unloading vehicle, a trailer or semi-trailer with a body (more often a bunker type), mechanically (usually hydraulically) tilted for unloading cargo or with forced unloading (eg auger).
Also there are dump trucks, for the unloading of which the whole vehicle is tilted using telescopic lifts.
Dumpers are used to transport bulk, or bulk, or other cargo, suitable for such unloading, which is produced by tipping them from the body.
Dumpers are classified :
- By type of unloading (tilt or forced)
- In the direction of unloading (sideways, backward)
- According to the type of body (bunker, platform, moving bunker, sliding platform)
Off-road (quarry) dump trucks
Quarry (off-road) dump trucks are used on open mining of minerals. Because of their overall dimensions and weight, operation on public roads is not possible. Large models are delivered to the place of work in parts and are already assembled on site.
Now more than 20 companies are engaged in the production of quarry dump trucks. The main part of the market, more than 95%, is dump trucks with payloads up to 40 tons.
Articulated Haulers
Dump truck with articulated hauler, articulated dump truck, dumper, is used in construction and quarrying, where increased patency and maneuverability are required.Three-axle models of articulated dump trucks have six driving wheels. Moreover, modern models of dump trucks are equipped with an inter-wheel differential switch.
Caterpillar uses the Ejector system (models 730 Ejector and 740 Ejector) on its dump trucks - the movable wall in the body pushes out its contents, which allows unloading on the go without tipping the body.
Articulated dump trucks are produced by companies - Case, Caterpillar, JCB, Komatsu, Liebherr, Terex, Volvo.

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