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The loader is a self-propelled earth-moving machine of cyclic action with a hinged working organ in the form of a bucket hinged on the boom end and unloading forward.
Characteristics of wheel loaders
- Bucket capacity - more than 10 m³
- Lifting force - up to 100 Kn
- unloading height - up to 4500mm
- out of the bucket edge during unloading - up to 750mm
- Bucket width - up to 4400mm
- speed of movement - up to 47 km / h
- dimensions: length - up to 10900 mm, width - up to 4400 mm, height - up to 4700 mm
- Operating weight - up to 62t
Application of front loaders
- digging trenches
- planning works
- loosening works
- transportation of rock
- Bulldozer works
- cutting of rock
Front loader tools
- bucket
- frame
- power point
- running equipment
- control system
- attachments (bulldozer, fork clamp, lifting platform, ripper, pushing frame, etc.)
Classification of wheel loaders
- crawler loaders
- wheel front loaders

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