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Caterpillar fuel filters

Caterpillar fuel filters serve a vital function for modern vehicles that are sensitive to the quality of motor fuel.original and aftermarket (replacement) Caterpillar fuel filters Unfiltered fuel may contain several types of contaminants, for example, pieces of paint and dirt that could get into the fuel tank during refueling, or rust caused by moisture in steel tanks. If these substances are not removed before the fuel enters the system, they will lead to rapid wear and damage to the Caterpillar fuel pump and Caterpillar injectors, due to the destructive effects of particles on important components used in modern injection systems. Caterpillar fuel filters also increase the engine's power, since the less pollutants present in the fuel, the more efficient the combustion.

Some Caterpillar filters, especially on diesel engines, have the shape of a cup for collecting water at the bottom. The water can then be drained by opening the valve at the bottom of the bowl. A lot of Caterpillar fuel filters contain a water sensor connected to the engine control unit or directly to the driver, transmitting information about reaching a certain level of water. It is particularly undesirable when the water is stretched over the fuel system of the diesel engine, because the system uses diesel fuel to lubricate the moving parts, and if water gets to elements that require constant lubrication, this leads to overheating and excessive wear.

Original and aftermarket (replacement) Caterpillar fuel filters online.

Short list below:

0773810 - FILTER-FUEL  2763905 - FILTER-FUEL
0947070 - FILTER,FUEL 2799876 - FILTER-FUEL
1306321 - FILTER-FUEL 2997553 - FILTER FUEL 
1383096 - FILTER-FUEL 3033999 - FILTER FUEL 
1431325 - FUEL FILTER  5I7951 - FUEL FILTER
1497880 - FILTER-FUEL 5W6081 - FILTER-FUEL
1803730 - FILTER-FUEL 5I5638 - FUEL FILTER
1838187 - FILTER-FUEL 0773900 - FILTER-FUEL
1953879 - FILTER-FUEL  3721034 - FILTER FUEL
1986378 - FUEL FILTER 3721039 - FILTERS FUEL
1G7206 - FILTER FUEL 3636572 - FILTER -FUEL
1Q1448 - FILTER FUEL  3645287 - FILTER FUEL
2140723 - FILTER-FUEL  3884344 - FILTER-FUEL
2353114 - FILTER FUEL  3884345 - FILTER-FUEL
2588538 - FILTER-FUEL 3884346 - FILTER-FUEL


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