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Caterpillar feed pumps

The Caterpillar feed pump is a low-pressure fuel pump. The main objective of this device is the function of supplying fuel to a high-pressure fuel pump - the Caterpillar injection pump. Typically, a feed pump is installed on the injection pump housing or in the immediate vicinity of injection pump.

original and aftermarket Caterpillar feed pumpsBoth pumps are connected by means of fuel pipes, through which fuel is supplied from one pump to another.

The Caterpillar feed pump (low pressure fuel pump) is needed to pass fuel through the Caterpillar filters and then inject the fuel into the high-pressure fuel pump - the Caterpillar injection pump.

It is worth noting that the feed pump pumps a little more fuel than the engine needs to operate. This swap "with a margin" allows you to maintain the optimum pressure in the fuel system, avoiding increasing loads.

All the necessary Caterpillar pumps, as well as original and aftermarket Caterpillar fuel system parts you can buy online.

Short list below:

1546612 - PUMP GP-FEED 3154528 - PUMP AS-FEED
1546613 - PUMP G-FEED  5I5123 - FEED PUMP


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